Do your sales and marketing teams fight like horror movie fans discussing Freddy vs Jason? If so, you probably have a classic case of misalignment in your lead generation strategy.

And a likely driver of this misalignment is bad leads – leads with low-quality data, leads from outside your ICP, incomplete leads, duplicates, non-standard leads, junk leads, etc. It’s all bad for business.

Halloween is the time for ghosts, ghouls, costumes, candy… and high-quality leads. Here are a few quick tips to Trick or Treat your sales team to better leads this Halloween.

Bad leads don’t go bump in the night, you won’t find them in a haunted house, and there are no horror movies about them. Bad leads aren’t monsters, but they’re just as scary. A marketer’s job is to generate leads that convert. Whether via organic traffic, email, social, inbound, outbound, events, or lists, a bad lead wastes time and money

Forget about checking under your bed for monsters, they may already be in your funnel. There are a few different types of monsters hiding in your lead queue:

  • Vampires– Leads that you’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources, yet they never convert. They suck productivity from your sales team.
  • Ghosts – Leads that have been in the queue seemingly forever and never reach the qualification threshold.
  • Werewolfs – Leads that seem good on the surface, only to turn bad once your sales team finally takes action.
  • Zombies – These brainless leads lack key information and critical data points to accurately score and route.

Your funnel is probably filled with these monsters. So stop goblin up leads and treat your approach more strategically. Passing the perfect lead to sales is like finding the house that gives away full-size candy bars on Halloween, nearly impossible but oh so satisfying when you do. 

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