Bad data runs rampant throughout many organizations, ranging from incorrect information, missing information, inaccurate information and outdated data. This bad data can be more than a thorn in your side — it can actually hinder your business success, and cost you a ton of money.

The True Cost of Bad (And Clean) DataAccording to this EBiz article, on average, corporate data grows at 40% per year, and approximately 20% of the average database is dirty. If nothing is done, you might be shelling out as much as $100 per dirty record, according to Sirius Decisions.

The $100 per bad record is attributed to impacts such as:

  • Printing and mailing to bad addresses
  • Emailing to wrong addresses
  • Losing disgruntled customers
  • Taking up extra server space with duplicate records
  • Sales conflict over the same leads
  • Inability to track lead source
  • Incorrect marketing segmentation and personalization
  • Unnecessary marketing automation & CRM costs for duplicate records

Keeping the $100 per dirty record in mind, and using a 100,000-record database, check out the astronomical cost of bad data (as well as clean data) in this infographic.

The True Cost of Bad (And Clean) Data

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The True Cost of Bad (And Clean) Data

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