Intro to RingLead

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Intro to RingLead


Every Organization suffers from bad data. Every Salesforce Admin struggles to keep the salesforce system free of duplicates, Every VP of Sales suffers from dirty data and an abundance of duplicate leads in their CRM. Every Marketing Director who is trying segment create targeting marketing is challenged by incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated data which causes inaccurate segmentation and deters from marketers deploying effective marketing campaigns.

RingLead DMS is the only way to deal with  these data problems with its secure, full-stack 360 data management platform, DMS. DMS is equipped with patented technology to capture, dedupe, normalize, enrich and route leads. DMS intersects every step of the data management process, from lead generation and routing, to deduplication,  duplicate prevention and enrichment, which makes DMS the only true end-to-end, cloud-based data management solution in the world.

Without DMS your Salesforce Admin uses one software platform to remove duplicates, your Marketing Director uses another to enrich incomplete and outdated records, and your VP of Sales uses a third for prospecting and lead generation. The lack of integration among these platforms results in inconsistent lead scoring and routing, inaccurate forecasts, and ineffective sales and marketing campaigns.

With DMS, your Salesforce Admin, VP of Sales and Marketing Director log-in to one centralized, scalable platform.

Your CFO and Executive Team receives precise analytics  and clear ROI metrics right from DMS, and you receive peace of mind.

Your Salesforce Admin starts out in DMS tackling the most common data quality issue: duplicates. Using 55+ custom matching logic rules, your admin automates deduplication tasks to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly to ensure a clean baseline of data is available for your reps to call on.

Your VP of Sales introduces DMS Capture to your sales team, enabling them to generate 1,000+ leads, direct dials and social profiles to call on. DMS Duplicate Prevention actively protects your database in real time to ensure your data remains clean and up-to-date, regardless of the millions of new records and fields you add as you grow.

Your Marketing Director leverages DMS Enrichment to yield the highest firmographic and contact fill rates in the industry to enrich the ringlead golden fields on your leads in real time. Equipped with detailed information on your buyers, your marketing team is able to segment your CRM to deliver the highly-relevant, targeted marketing campaigns they need to increase demand gen.

Immediately upon logging into the DMS Cloud, your team can seamlessly comprehend how DMS is continuously improving every aspect of your data by viewing DMS’s  single smart dashboard

The result? Your sales reps are spending a fraction of the time prospecting and no longer calling on duplicate leads.

Your marketing team is creating cross-and up-sell opportunities and engaging prospects and customers with RELEVANT marketing information.  

You and your executive team are on top of ROI, and your leads are nurtured through the sales cycle, right to a close.

During all of this excitement, DMS never loses sight of your first goal: data quality

RingLead – making every member of your team a hero.

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