On average, there are 70 voicemails left per day per sales rep. Each voicemail requires roughly 60 seconds each. That’s 30 seconds to listen to a greeting and 30 seconds to leave a voicemail. That equates to approximately 25 hours per month per sales rep just leaving voicemail.

If you look across a team of 50 sales reps, they’re actually spending 1,250 hours per month just leaving voicemails. That’s about 15% of every sales reps’ time simply leaving voicemails. As a salesperson, you should have two important goals.

1. Consistently leave great voicemails

2. Reduce the time spent leaving those voicemails

What exactly makes a great voicemail? Here are nine voicemail tips that you can start using today to dramatically improve your return results.

1. Always Provide Context

Providing context makes certain that no cold call is truly cold. Your prospects receive voicemails everyday from sales reps and companies. How is your voicemail going to stand out from the crowd? The answer is context. We no longer live in a world where content is king. Context is king and context equals relevance. Relevance is what’s going to make you stand out from the crowd.
For example, I might say I wanted to thank you for accepting my LinkedIn request and tell you how RingDNA provides a total call solution for your sales teams. Another might be, thank you for downloading our latest eBook and I was wondering if I could help you make a decision with X, Y or Z.

2. Offer Clear Value

Now that your voicemail includes context and relevance, you better tell me in the next five seconds how you’re going to make my life exponentially better, or you’re going straight to voicemail hell. Quickly delivering a value proposition tailored to the prospect is critical.

For example, at RingDNA our reps are consistently coached on how to include value props in their voicemails, such as RingDNA will help you dial 300% more leads everyday, or by using RingDNA, you’ll double the number of daily sales conversations you have which should also double your sales conversation rates. Deliver a message that helps the prospect see an idealized version of themselves.

3. Cowboy Up – Ask For What You Want

Like a cowboy, keep it simple, clear, and uncomplicated. Some examples that I use when leaving a voicemail may include:

I want to schedule ten minutes of your time.

Does two o’clock on Wednesday work for a demo?

Get to the point and ride on.

4. Never Forget To Say It Twice

Your prospects are very unlikely to have a pen sitting in their hand. Instead, their finger is probably sitting on that delete button. You’ve given them a reason to call you back, now make it easy for them to write down your information without having to rewind the message. Say the critical information twice. That includes name, company and phone number.

5. Project Energy And Enthusiasm

Conveying true excitement and a belief that you’re working with the best company is going to also separate you from other sales reps. People want to talk to winners and therefore, you need to sound like a winner. If I’m not feeling it, I may take a walk or listen to my favorite song on Spotify. Find something that pumps you up to get you back in the game and leaving better voicemails.

6. Keep It Under 30 Seconds

Your prospects don’t have time to listen to a verbose voicemail message. Keeping your voicemail short and to the point will show your prospect that you respect their time as well as your own.

Your company’s entire value proposition is almost certainly not going to be conveyed in a 30-second voicemail. Instead, focus on introducing yourself, providing context, stating a key value prop, and ask for what you want before moving on.

7. Automate

What most salespeople don’t understand is that each of the tips I’ve previously suggested can be achieved through voicemail automation. Let’s face it, salespeople, as business people, are under a lot of pressure, not only to deliver results, but to be efficient, consistent and work extremely fast.

Using voicemail automation is one way to make sure that you are efficient, provide personalization, and record the perfect message every time.

8. Test variables

With voicemail automation, you can deliver the perfect voicemail every time while testing several different versions of those voicemails. Think of it as A/B testing for your voicemail. Every industry is different. You should test a variety of voicemails, or a combination of voicemails, and track your response rate to see which tactics work best. By testing these variables, you’ll see huge differences in response rates, which ultimately lead to more conversations and more sales.

9. Optimize call times

If we structure our days so that we’re dialing people when they’re most likely to answer the phone, chances are we’ll be able to handle more conversations, we’ll have better conversations and we’ll be leaving less voicemail. We’ve found that the best time to call is Wednesday through Thursday from 6:45 to 9:00 A.M. or Wednesday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. The worst times are Mondays 6:00 A.M. to noon, and Friday afternoons.

But you can only leave amazing voicemails if you have the right contact data. RingLead DMS Enrichment can help provide direct dials, mobile numbers and other contact data for your leads within minutes, saving you time and energy searching for the right number. Try our FREE Enrichment Scanner to help you find out just how many empty fields you have inside your Salesforce, and what percentage of fields RingLead DMS Enrichment can fill.

9 Voicemail Tips to Dramatically Improve Return Calls

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