So you ran out of leads.

It’s okay. It happens to the best of us.

But in finding new leads, you begin to watch your day wither away as you realize that you’ll be able to call through all of these in maybe a couple hours tomorrow. Your biggest problem is that finding good leads is difficult in the first place and when you finally go get that dream lead, you call through your list so quickly that most of your day ends up being prospecting.

It’s not a “just you” problem. 80 percent of salespeople report that they’ve found their lead generation service isn’t as effective as they had hoped.

Here’s the main problems:

  • There’s no definitive “perfect lead” – There’s plenty of promising leads, but there’s no way to know that a lead is going to be a guaranteed sale. Your lead might already have something that does what your product does, might not have the budget to meet your prices, or might just not want to talk to you at all. All you can do is find as many leads as you can and hope that they might be the “right” ones.
  • People don’t visit your website – You can’t rely on the leads to come to you these days. If people aren’t visiting your website, be it from a poor SEO score, a lack of content or the fact that people just aren’t proactively interested in your product, you’re not getting people filling out the valuable forms that provide you with emails, phone numbers and all the other valuable contact information you might need.
  • People don’t answer your calls – People generally don’t like answering their phones. Plus, the phone numbers you get might just be straight up wrong. Without multiple ways to contact a lead, you often might as well have never discovered it at all.
  • People don’t click on your emails – Same deal as the phone numbers. People tend to have multiple email addresses. So it’s very possible that you have the one that they’re not going to answer. If possible, you want every publicly listed email address that a person has to offer.
  • Manual lead generation is a waste of time – This is the biggest one. Manually researching leads is one of the biggest wastes of time there is, which makes it shocking that only 41 percent of companies actually use automation software for lead generation. There’s software out there that can do what takes you an entire business day in just a few minutes.


For software that can get you thousands of new leads in minutes with just the click of a button, consider trying RingLead DMS Capture today. Capture automates that lead generation process so you can stop wasting time researching leads and get back to calling, qualifying and selling.

The best part? You won’t be handed an unfiltered data pool like a lot of other lead generation automation software provides. Capture allows users to preset which kind of leads they’re looking for, so they’re tailored for the intended sales audience. It also verifies all incoming information so you’re certain that everything you get will be the proper contact information, never putting you with a bounced email or a disconnected phone number.

Manual lead generation should be a thing of the past. Let the tech do it for you starting right now.

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