You need these data points–trust us

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Successful sales and marketing campaigns start with the right data.

The more you know about your prospect or customer, the more relevant the buying experience you can create. Simple steps like segmenting your data and employing dynamic content empowers you to break through the noise and reach your target audience. (Just think: The average person receives about 121 emails a day, if you’re sending generic catch-all emails, you don’t stand a chance!)

While every business segments their data differently–maybe you care about job title, gender, location, or even social affinity data–there are some proprietary attributes associated with people and companies that are critical to every business. For example, standard company attributes like business size (i.e by number of employees or annual revenue), industry (i.e. technology vs. healthcare), company location, and technographics, all play tremendous roles in your ability to deliver relevant messaging that converts.

Once you review the fields below, run RingLead Field Trip to gain insight into which of these critical fields have the lowest fill rates in your database.

You need these data points–trust us

Following your scan, set up the Field Trip Data Quality Score utilizing these fields so you can benchmark your fill rates moving forward. (Skip to 1:50 in this video to learn more) Then, search The DataExchange to help find third-party data sources that will help you augment missing data. Equipped with thousands of attributes, hundreds of categories, and countless vendors, the DataExchange is your hub for transparent, flexible data buying that fits your unique business needs.