This is the 5th installment in my GDPR blog series. This blog will be a recap of my 4 previous GDPR blogs and help you finalize your policies and procedures to be GDPR compliant by May 25.

Start by reducing your number of vendors for data compliance:

Multiple data vendors simply increase your efforts to comply with the GDPR. Just consider the multiple Data Processing Addendums which must be sorted through and given precedence. If any third-party vendor is not compliant, you could be at risk for GDPR penalties. 

“By definition, partners are expected to help; but how prepared and experienced are they? Your partners are critical to your business, especially when it comes to the GDPR.” – Russ Artzt, Executive Chairman, RingLead

To prove my point, first review my previous blogs to get up to speed:

GDPR: Getting In Front of Data Privacy
GDPR requires companies to work closely with third-party data vendors to ensure that procedures are in place in order to comply with these laws.

GDPR: Third Party Vendors
Identify your Salesforce integration partners who have access to personally identifiable information (PII) such as Leads and Contacts.

GDPR: Responsibility, Security, and Transparency
The PII data must be secure for all third-party vendors. Test your third-party vendors and your organization processes and procedures.

Getting Help From Your Vendors
Manage your data, and the data accessible by your third parties, carefully, by preventing duplicates,matching the correct data records, enriching the data, and documenting where any PII data came from.

Have you considered the exhausting effort it will take when an EU citizen asks to be forgotten? Partners who are not prepared to work with you to find and delete data will require extra efforts to not only find all copies of PII, but also ensure that their data is secure at rest and in transit. Multiply this by the number of vendors who touch the data.

Why Consolidate To One Vendor?

  1. Multiply exhaustive efforts to find and remove PII: If someone requires to be forgotten, you would probably just delete their Salesforce Lead or Marketo Person and expect the sync to delete the record in the other system. Does your vendor offer that service? Are your partners prepared to delete the record in their system? What about duplicate records? These are the questions you need to ask your vendors before signing a new contract.
  2. Complexities of Data Processing Addendums: Multiple integration partners require multiple DPAs which complicates legalities. 
  3. Increased Risk: Every vendor who can be replaced by RingLead makes you at Risk. Our company will eliminate the fear of third party GDPR compliance and can even help you become GDPR compliant.
  4. Focus on success not compliance: You have a business to run and you want to make it successful. Millions of dollars are being made to scare companies into going above and beyond what they are required to do to be compliant. Don’t overspend time and money. Simplify your processes by using RingLead DMS to condense your multitude of vendors that enrich data, clean out and prevent duplicates, improve routing and prospect leads, into one fully integrated, cloud-based platform.

RingLead Data Management Solutions is the only cloud-based, 360 degree data management platform that can capture, clean, protect, enrich and normalize all of the data within your CRM in real time. RingLead DMS Cleanse will help you remove duplicate records from you database significantly decreasing the chances of contacting a person who you’ve already deleted, more than once. GDPR compliance starts with clean data, and clean data starts with RingLead. 

Be Smart. Choose RingLead. Sleep well knowing your company has eliminated the GDPR risks associated with third parties. Schedule a demo today by clicking the box below!

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Inspired by “Getting in Front of Data” written by Thomas C. Redman PhD

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