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We are driven by a collective commitment to fueling innovation, exceeding the expectations of our customers, and becoming the number one data quality provider in the industry.

We work hard. We work harder than anyone else because we believe in what we’re doing. We pride ourselves on our performance-based culture, and we reward hard work. All RingLead employees are reviewed on a monthly basis and are given the opportunity to earn equity in the company. Our performance-based stock vests immediately upon being earned. We are invested in our employees’ success, and our employees are invested in our success.

We collaborate daily. Every night, development, support, sales, marketing and design, finance, human resources, and management spend an hour sharing ideas, brainstorming and reviewing metrics. We include every single employee in these meetings because we believe all of our employees have something to offer. Our office features many open spaces to encourage collaboration and teamwork.

We treat our employees well. We offer highly competitive base salaries, incentive-based bonuses, ample paid vacation days and advancement opportunities for all employees. Monthly reviews allow you to stay abreast on your own progress and improvement, opening the door for conversations about career advancement, bonuses and salary increases. Employees also have the opportunity to earn additional income by accepting and successfully completing an Above and Beyond Challenge from their supervisor. We have a fully stocked kitchen and offer catered lunches for long-haul days. We also provide access to any platforms or tools you need to be successful in your role.

We educate and train. We train every single employee, regardless of their role, on our products, the industry, and on successfully managing a software business. At RingLead, you are not just a marketer, developer, or sales representative. RingLead’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Hickey believes by cross-training all employees, we build a stronger team and allow individuals to learn more about their untapped strengths. Our daily meetings are another opportunity for all employees to stay engaged and to discover various aspects of the business that may interest them.

We celebrate. Our performance-based culture ensures that we work exceptionally hard all week. Every Friday we take a break and celebrate our success as a company at our weekly happy hour. We treat our employees to special outings and dinners to facilitate team bonding and to celebrate their hard work. We believe that engaged employees are happy employees.

Looking to be a part of history? Join the RingLead team and help us change the way the world views data.