“It made sales more efficient and prevented sales from wasting time. It just makes the whole process run much more smoother.”
Iryna Zhuravel, Manager, Marketing Automation & Analytics

Altium Case Study

About Altium

Altium Limited is an Australian software company that makes PC-based electronics design software for engineers who design printed circuit boards. Founded in 1985, the company was one of the first to revolutionize the way that printed circuit boards were designed, as the previous method was either too expensive, too difficult or time too time consuming. Today, Altium is still a highly successful tech company.

Altium Case Study


Altium’s sales team realized they were wasting several hours a week on routing leads and those hours could be used more efficiently. Altium also found they had a number of duplicates in their system which were also wasting time in the sales and marketing process. They knew that in order to make this time efficient and profitable again, they had to find a way to remove the duplicates in their system quickly and affordably.


Altium implemented RingLead Cleanse and Prevent to clean their database of all current duplicates and prevent future duplicates from infiltrating their database. The goal was to improve the efficiency of both the sales and the marketing team by drastically improving their data quality.


Altium successfully used RingLead Cleanse and Prevent to clean their database

  • Over 200,000 duplicate records were removed from the Altium database.
  • With Prevent, Altium is currently preventing 100 to 200 new duplicates from being created in their database per day.
  • Altium’s sales and marketing teams are saving many hours a week with more efficient lead routing and a database that is free, and continues to be free of duplicates.

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