Every additional client for us is an increase in revenue, and we have more clients and it increased our bottom line.”

Barton Associates is a healthcare staffing company focused on helping physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners find new jobs. Barton Associates also helps hospitals, private practices, and companies fulfill a position, whether it be short or long term.


Since Barton Associates staffs a niche market nationwide, they are challenged with helping providers find work in specific locations, or on the other hand, fill open positions at facilities that have trouble finding qualified providers. There is an opportunity for quick localized placements. Barton Associates needed targeted lists for their healthcare placements, including unique placements, such as a doctor for a horse-racing track or a cruise line. Not only are these placements very specific, but they are not publicly broadcasted. They are unique assignments that require a very specific, deep-dive search. “We were looking for ways to grow our business…and didn’t want to put a band-aid on something where we’d have to figure out a different solution in a few months to a year,” says Stephen Ochs, Marketing Operations Analyst at Barton Associates.


Barton Associates tapped Broadlook Technologies, a RingLead company, for their deep dive search tool to include the unique variables their clients desired. “Through tools like Diver and Market Mapper, we can enter different queries in the more obscure phrases, and sift through to find those companies,” says Ochs. Broadlook Technologies provided Barton Associates with enriched data to capture emails and records, as well as identify additional new leads and contacts. “It really allowed us to take that next step into a more granular dive and get the right kind of contacts at the right kind of companies, that we wouldn’t have originally had the mindset or the verbiage to find.”


Barton Associates now has more potential opportunities than ever. “Every additional client for us is an increase in revenue, and we have more clients with Broadlook Technologies, and it increased our bottom line,” says Ochs. With Broadlook, Barton Associates can commit to finding the niche placements they couldn’t find before. They increased their reach and offer more diversity in their options. They’ve also increased their portfolio. With Broadlook, Barton Associates also saved time and money. Broadlook Technologies helped them find the right people in their niche, specific market, saving time and resources. “We now have a lot more reach into the pool of people who can hire the doctors that we have. That way we can increase our population for providers beyond doctors to physician assistants, nurse practitioners and so on,” says Ochs. “The biggest win with Broadlook Technologies was building lists, not only for the businesses we work with,” says Ochs, “but with potential companies as well.”
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