“Not only did the issues take us hours to solve – the time we invested in fixing them by hand did not materially reduce the number of issues. It felt like we were taking water out of the ocean with a measuring cup. ”
Ross Isdaner, Sales Operations Manager

Beekeeper Case Study

About Beekeeper

Beekeeper connects distributed workforces and non-desk employees in a reliable, completely configurable mobile application. Beekeeper connects operational systems and communication channels within one secure platform, creating endless opportunities for businesses to simplify and optimize operations.

Beekeeper Case Study


Beekeeper struggled to gain true control over duplicate data despite owning a deduplication software. On paper, Beekeeper’s existing solution solved its duplicate problem, but in reality, the software fell short and left the Beekeeper team frustrated due to a lack of product updates, granular control, and most importantly: accuracy.


Beekeeper deployed RingLead Cleanse and RingLead Prevent to clean and protect its data.

Cleanse and Prevent are both available as stand-alone data quality tools, or as components of RingLead’s fully integrated, scalable data management solution.

RingLead’s full suite tackles all core data management processes including data discovery, deduplication, standardization, duplicate prevention and enrichment.


With RingLead, Beekeeper was able to regain control over its database, eliminating existing duplicates, and preventing new duplicates from being created.

Beekeeper has prevented 19K+ duplicates over the course of seven months since deploying RingLead.

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