“RingLead has helped us to avoid the duplicate problem and instead pair that individual’s historical data together with his or her new information as well

About Egencia

Egencia is a division of Expedia, Inc., and is all about the modern business traveler and making business travel better. Each year Egencia helps thousands of companies in nearly 60 countries manage their travel programs – by providing bottom-line savings to clients and supporting the needs of the modern business traveler. The company experienced more than $4 billion in gross bookings in 2012, and has continued to grow each year in revenue, employees, and customers.



Egencia encountered a struggle when managing contacts with multiple email addresses, a problem that the out-of-the-box Marketo solution was not equipped to handle. Marketo’s standard configuration views a record’s email address (for example, and matches it with the corresponding record in CRM. A problem arises when a single individual has two or more email addresses, which is the case for many of Egencia’s customers. For every email address, Marketo’s default is to create a new lead, thus causing duplicates or triplicates. For Egencia, the most frustrating by-product of these redundant leads was the resulting inaccuracies in reporting and lead scoring. “It was making our lead scoring very inaccurate,” said Jeff Shearer, acquisition marketing manager for North America. “Problems with lead scoring systems are very hard to figure out. When you have something like this messing up your data, it really makes it hard to rely on the sophisticated models that you’ve built.” “Duplicates also cause nothing but confusion for our sales teams,” continued Shearer. “If there’s a duplicate who is already a customer, you could be alerting the wrong rep about the wrong lead, which wastes time and productivity.”


Egencia partnered with Ringlead to address existing duplicates and create a system to catch new ones entering into
the system. Ringlead solved the problem by expanding the list of duplicate identifiers. They were able to connect
more registrants with the correct existing account by going deeper than the email address and screening for factors like the domain name associated with each. “Ringlead changed how we look at this problem,” said Shearer. “Now you’re not just looking at email, but also at other factors: Does this record match an existing lead, a contact or maybe an account of some kind? Of course, you’re still going to have the updated existing record but that’s going to be a much better match because you’re looking at many additional variables beyond simply email addresses.” Solving the problems of duplicates also helped Egencia treat customers better by arming account managers with historical customer data. “If you have a customer who left you and then reengaged two years later, the system would ordinarily count the registrant as a new lead,” Shearer explained. “Ringlead has helped us to avoid this and instead pair that individual’s historical data together with his or her new information as well.”


  • Ringlead was able to capture and connect 20% of all 2014 incoming leads to existing accounts.
  • Egencia’s sales team now spends less time dealing with existing customer leads in their lead queues and more time selling to new prospects.
  • Egencia’s account management team is more informed, since they can now see what’s happening with their existing clients. They now take a much more proactive approach to following up and determining next steps

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