Esko has a global customer base and a positive problem of many incoming leads, but when you rely on multiple systems to manage your database, gaps emerge, manual processes start, and opportunities are lost.

Esko used deduplication, enrichment, lead-to-account matching, and enrichment to automate processes and create data that is an asset supporting their growth.

“RingLead allows me to comply with Danaher’s demanding growth expectations without sacrificing either data quality or compliance.”

About Esko

Esko helps its customers to make the best packaging for billions of consumers. They support and manage the packaging and print processes for brand owners, retailers, designers, premedia and trade shops, packaging manufacturers, and converters

  • Industry: Tech (graphical design)
  • Company size: 1500 employees
  • Revenue: $300 million/year
  • Headquarters: HQ Belgium
  • Locations: Ohio USA, Chicago USA, Japan, China, Singapore

Managing a marketing database for a global company is a constant challenge, from knowing an account and campaign members preferred language to importing multiple disparate datasets and ensuring regional compliance. Bart Audenaert, Marketing Database Specialist at Esko, provides insight into how clean data has been integral to Esko’s ability to manage these challenges and grow.

Removing the manual tasks & data management shortfalls

Challenge – Duplicate management

Bart knew in the face of aggressive growth tactics and acquisitions, that Esko’s business approach required a clean, enriched and up to date database. While Esko used Cloudingo for data-cleansing, Bart needed more from the solution.

To overcome limitations, there was still a requirement on team members to perform manual checks for duplicates.

With incomplete record data, there was limited ability to match and to merge records. Esko needed more flexibility in how merged data was handled, more automations and other advanced features to allow their data to work more effectively for them.

Challenge – Managing imports of multiple data sources

Esko needed a system that could seamlessly integrate external data into their database without duplication, no matter whether a list import, or an acquisition of a new database instance.

Esko used the Salesforce data loader and Bart was performing multiple imports to achieve what he needed. For example, to run a campaign imported the people from the relevant import list, and then performed a second import to assign them to a specific campaign. This took time and was inefficient.

"RingLead is a single tool that saves time by not performing multiple mass imports."

Challenge – Lack of data completeness resulting in lost opportunities

Without automated lead to account matching, the only way incoming leads could be matched to accounts for a holistic view of account activity was via manual processes, manually:

  • Checking leads
  • Enriching with data
  • Matching and linking to accounts


This resulted in money wasted by Sales Coordinators performing these manual tasks. Bart is sure that they lost many good leads to their competitors due to the time delays these processes caused.

Solution – Automate processes

Bart adopted a suite of automated processes that run when merging databases, new leads come in via manual entry or website, or purchased data lists are imported.

"Cloudingo was limited to only cleaning tasks and identifying duplicates. With RingLead we now have an all-in-one solution so we can keep database clean, enrich and automatically match leads with accounts all with one tool."


By both enriching and deduplicating data as it comes into the database, Bart has been able to increase duplicate match rates and improve the overall richness and quality of data within Esko’s database. With flexible master record surviving field value rules, Esko merged both old and new data whilst retaining important data. Automation of a range of processes means that they have closed the manual gaps in their processes, resulting in:

  • Enriched data for higher duplicate and account matches
  • Less manual processes freeing up the sales team’s time to sell
  • Getting leads to their reps faster
  • Increased conversions through fuller account data and speed to contact

"RingLead helps us ensure that data coming in from multiple sources is clean & complete"

Increasing lead conversion by reducing follow-up time

Challenge – Slow follow-up time giving opportunities to your competition

Esko had many leads coming through their website, but they were not following them up. Bart needed to identify and prioritize leads, but poor database hygiene, incomplete record data, and lead-to-account matching they couldn’t, so:

  • Leads couldn’t be scored
  • Leads couldn’t be prioritised
  • The competition was faster
  • Esko lost the lead, lost the opportunity, the sale, and the revenue

"It was so hard to prioritize them, we didn’t know what the best leads were to follow up. Important leads were not identified and were stuck for days in our Salesforce. It lost us money."

Solution – Ensuring accurate prioritization for fast lead follow-up

Esko uses RingLead’s single platform to perform a range of functions to enable them to prioritise leads and contact them quickly. They enrich their data as soon as possible so they can then identify and match leads to account.


Bart then uses RingLead’s Account Based scoring to prioritize leads based on the enriched, account-based information.


Bart says their new prioritization helps in identifying the best potential leads for sales coordinators to follow up. It helps them know which ones to answer and without all the manual processes they can contact their leads quickly, before the competition.

"We’ve had an increase in conversion of leads as we have a better overview of that account – our customers, website visitors, contacts – the people we need to get in contact with."

Improve segmentation to increase MQL conversion through personalized content

Challenge – Inability to segment the database for personalisation

Esko did not have a consistent, automated way in which to allocate leads or contacts into campaigns, or segment into departments, functions, or roles for optimal personalisation of messaging.

Solution – Normalization, enrichment, and segmentation

Bart uses normalization, enrichment, and segmentation to divide up Esko’s marketing database. They normalize job roles so they can then be grouped and then segmented into specific organisational departments. These job roles have been defined across several languages and translated into a single department. Esko is able to segment globally.

Lead records are enriched with key firmographic data. By determining the location of an office, Esko enriches records with the preferred language, which they then use to engage with the account or person.


Marketing is better able to contact a lead with the most direct and up to date information. Engagement is more personalised and caters for the specific regional factors such as communication language.

"We are really happy with the results of our segmentation. We have been able to really enrich our accounts, particularly in North America, they are now so valuable to marketing."


Esko have been able to move from using a range of point-to-point tools, to using an all-in-one platform that allows them to:

  • Remove manual tasks used overcome data management shortfalls
  • Improve efficiency and time management through automation
  • Increase lead conversion by reducing follow-up time
  • Improve segmentation increasing MQL Conversion though personalised content