“By replicating our 90 evaluations from process builder to a single trigger in RingLead, we reduced the lead created to contacted time from 15 minutes to 3.71 minutes, and reduced timeouts from 5% to 0, resulting in a 20% increase in conversion”
Cody Bustamonte, Salesforce Administrator & Marketing Operations Manager – Exterro

The odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times. And from 5 minutes to 10 minutes the dial to qualify odds decrease 4 times.

ABOUT Exterro

Exterro provides legal, governance, risk management, and compliance software solutions that enable legal teams to control risks, reduce costs, enforce compliance, and streamline processes.

  • Industry: Computer programming services & pre-packaged software
  • Customers: Enterprise and mid-market companies; federal, state and local government; legal firms; partners
  • Employees: 201 – 500 employees
  • Headquarters: Portland Oregon.

Rapid growth and company acquisition, new product family and sales teams, global expansion, and a shift from enterprise to mid-market customers has resulted in many challenges for Cody Bustamonte, Salesforce Administrator & Marketing Operations Manager. These….and more…were solved using the synergy of RingLead’s Data Orchestration Platform.

Key Challenges

Lead to account routing challenges

Exterro’s growth and expansion into new markets meant they needed more efficient processes for operations today and in the future.

“We have been growing tremendously, and with that growth we need optimized processes that are scalable and have longevity.”

They needed to cater for their different market types and regional territories with different routing strategies using:

  • Regional Territory’s for accounts
  • Round Robin for the global market
  • State Ownership for US leads.

Using native Salesforce routing had worked in the past; this no longer met their needs as it did not provide the cross object referencing needed to route Leads to Accounts based on an account’s location.

"We found that using typical or standard workflows and lead assignment rules became either unrealistic and confusing, or just not possible, particularly as we needed cross object referencing."

Routing Strategy Limitations

Cody used complex Process Builders to tackle Extero’s complex routing requirements resulting in:

  • Reduced platform functionality and usability from thousands of timeout errors
  • Stuck Leads due to overloads between their MAP, Pardot and Salesforce
  • Hours wasted daily manually resolving errors
  • Slow-down of valuable leads and demo request information to the sales teams.

"I had two Process Builders, and each had 45 different evaluations. Pairing that up with other triggers and other automation that is running in our system there was looping - inability to gain exclusive access to records because everything was trying to happen at once.

We were getting thousands of CPU timeout errors. This was a huge problem."

Lead Assignment Flexibility Issues

With the massive problems using process builder, Cody returned to using Round Robin Salesforce routing. The trade-off was:

  • Suboptimal routing that did not operate as each market, region or territory required
  • Reps being skipped for non-MQLs
  • Misuse of rep skill levels with too many, or complex leads routed to inexperienced reps, or experienced reps underutilized
  • Missed opportunities due to inability to reassign when reps were out of office
  • Reduced efficiency getting leads to the sales team as quickly as possible.

CFO buy in for a solution purchase

After trying to solve their routing problem in-house, Cody realised they needed an external solution. He also knew:

  • The solution needed to handle the complexities of their routing strategies today, but also be flexible and scalable to meet the needs as they continued to change and grow
  • Unless he presented an economic solution, he was not going to get the buy-in needed from the CFO.


Orchestrated data with RingLead

Exterro chose RingLead as their routing solution as provided flexibility and scalability for complex routing and ticked all the boxes for the CFO.

For Cody, RingLead provided so much more…

"RingLead does so much more than just routing. I could see that I could do real time enriching through third party tools that were integrated, deduplication and duplicate prevention, as well as normalization."

Cody worked with RingLead to go beyond routing and orchestrated their data using the following processes.

1. Deduplicating incoming leads

They customized deduplication tasks using a combination of strict and loose fuzzy matching criteria on email, company name and phone number to ensure that duplicates were accurately identified and then merged on entry.

2. Normalizing data

Cody had not initially realised that the lack of standardized data was a problem for Exterro. He used normalization to correct the ALL CAPS that were being sent in emails to customers. Normalized data also assisted with automations such as segmentation and routing.

3. Enriching in real time

Exterro enriched their web leads with firmographic and geographic data from ZoomInfo using RingLead’s real-time enrichment feature. This provided the foundation for effective segmentation and routing.

"We want to have a minimum number of fields on our forms to increase the conversion rate, but we also need to find out information about that person."

4. Segmenting their leads

By using both enriched data and automated across-object segmentation based on related accounts, Exterro assigned the right leads to their specific routing strategy, team, or rep.

5. Routing in a single flow

Exterro were able to implement complex routing using simple rule building tools to combine Marketing Qualified (MQLd), regional territory, headquarter location, and product family-based routing via different strategies in a single flow.

"Is this lead associated to an account? And if it is associated to an account, is this account already labelled for a regional territory? If so, change the regional territory on the lead. Is the lead an MQL? Then route it - maybe it’s a round Robin, maybe it's a specific person, or maybe it's a team or a queue.

We can now define that complex logic."


Exterro have gone beyond simply implementing a routing solution and have harnessed the synergy of an end-to-end Data Orchestration Platform. Here’s what it means for them:

  • High-Quality data void of duplicates and non-standardization
  • Multiple, complex but efficient lead routing scenarios to suit business needs
  • Lead engagement to the BDR team in 3.71 minutes (on average)
  • Increased positive outcomes from fast speed to route and contact
  • 90 evaluations in Process Builder replaced by 2 triggers to enrich, segment, and route leads
  • No CPU timeouts
  • Saved time using tasks and automation for data movement first time
  • Data orchestration at half the cost of some simple routing tools.

"I get to be the hero at my company because I'm able to route leads quicker and cleaner and my CFO feels comfortable that she was able to purchase a software at a price that she felt comfortable with."

Now Cody and the team have faster routing and more positive sales outcomes they are exploring more integrations with RingLead and further optimization of business rules to continue improving and scaling their business.

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