“No more duplicates in Marketo! BOOM!”
Bobby Riegel, Marketo Admin

About GrabCAD

GrabCAD helps mechanical engineers build great products faster.



GrabCAD implemented Marketo a few months prior to its initial sync to Salesforce. The initial sync from to Marketo created a slew of duplicates in Marketo, creating a 2:1 ratio of Marketo records to records in Salesforce. Therefore there were two duplicates in Marketo, and one matching record. Prior to the sync, the record in Marketo was not associated with a Salesforce ID. The duplicate record created by the sync had an associated Salesforce ID. GrabCAD had to decide whether they would manually review and merge each group of duplicates or choose RingLead to do a one time clean up and ensure future duplicate prevention via the RingLead Web-to-Lead integration for Marketo.


Using RingLead, GrabCad cleaned up all duplicate Marketo records within two hours. With help from RingLead’s customer success team GrabCAD seamlessly deduped Marketo and ensured future data quality with the RingLead/Marketo integration.


GrabCAD can now be assured that Marketo’s lead scoring efforts are properly utilized since scoring activities are not split between two duplicate records. The mass merge also resulted in higher email open rates, lower bounce rates, and fewer headaches for GrabCAD’s Marketo administrators

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