Integrate used the full suite of features in RingLead’s data orchestration platform to ensure compliance while significantly improving their speed to lead times and effectiveness of their sales teams’ operation.

Integrate created fast and efficient follow up and increased their overall database marketability by 46.67%.

“RingLead eliminates all the manual processes. We now have harmony when we reach out to our leads, and when we do, we know we are compliant”

Integrate Case Study

About Integrate

Integrate is a marketing software provider that works with high-growth, and enterprise organizations to power their demand investments. The company connects data, channels, tech, and processes to guide intelligent buyer and account journeys and deliver scalable demand generation programs.

  • Industry: Software and Tech Services
  • Company size: 201-500 employees

Ashley Langford, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Integrate tells us how they have been able to uplift their sales teams to drive revenue gain confidence in their data for surety of compliance by a single platform – RingLead.

Fast Lead Response Time to Increase
Conversion Rates

Integrate Case Study

Challenge – Slow Lead Follow Up caused by Inefficient Routing

Integrate needed account-based territory lead routing scenarios in their business. They also needed to route based on the Parent or Child relationship to an account and the relevant territory.

They were unable to perform these routing scenarios due to:

  • The rigid Round Robin only lead routing functionality native within Marketo has no territory assignment option.
  • Inability to identify and preserve parent and child relationship accounts when deduplicating
  • Inability to route based on the relevant account hierarchy and associated territory.

The round robin routing assignment caused discord within the Sales team as:

  • The best sales reps for each territory were not being allocated leads
  • Leads were being perceived as being routed unfairly
  • Leads ending up with the wrong sales reps
  • Leads were not being followed up.

Solution – Intelligent Routing Workflows

Integrate used RingLead’s single platform solution to apply both data enrichment and normalization before deduplication. By enriching leads with related account data and normalizing, Integrate have been able to prioritize which parent, or child account the lead is linked to and remove any unwanted duplicates. One of the key ways they have been able to do this is by normalizing company name and establishing which specific company domains belong to which regions and enrich, deduplicate and link based on that data.

"RingLead’s enrichment and normalization make it easy for us to determine parent child relationships of accounts in different regions."

With RingLead’s inbuilt routing solution they have established lead assignment directly to an Account Owner, even when a duplicate lead is identified for a queue.



Using predetermined jobs and customizing it to run for different scenarios, complex routing has become easy.

By orchestrating their data, Integrate have gained route efficiency and significantly improved their speed to lead times. With lead conversions 391% higher if you call within a minute of an online enquiry, but only 36 % if you leave it an hour (Velocify), Integrate are ensuring that their reps have the best chance to convert.

Enable Compliance (GDPR & CCPA) &
Prevent Data Loss

Integrate Case Study

Challenge – Maintain Opt Out Data when Merging Duplicates

When approaching deduplication, one of the biggest challenges for Integrate was to ensure that opt-out information was always retained on the surviving record.

This meant they needed flexibility and control over what fields could be overwritten during a merge to avoid:

  • Contacting opt-outs
  • Complaints
  • Compliance breaches
  • Fines and legal action.

Solution – Robust Surviving Record Rules, Email Opt Out Maintenance

Integrate worked with RingLead to determine a best approach to handling their surviving record and surviving field values. They have been able to remove emails of those that have unsubscribed, and retained the Job Role data, while also retaining behaviour scores whilst ensuring no breaches of GDPR or CCPA regulation.



Ashley and her team at Integrate now have:

  • Trust in their data
  • Surety of compliance
  • Retained the integral legal and historical information they need, even after merge.

"With RingLead’s data orchestration platform we are compliant

RingLead helps track the opt in and opt information such as dates of our customers activities in different regions to ensure we have the right legal record."

Increase target account conversion by adopting more Account Based Marketing tactics


Challenge – Inability to market to leads from Account Based Hostage leads mean lost opportunities

Lead scoring was incredibly difficult for Integrate because they:

  • Had many duplicate records resulting in behavioural scores spilt across records
  • Were not linking leads to accounts so leads lacked key account information
  • Had no way of retaining the most up to date scores or aggregating the scores across records when merging duplicates manually.

This meant:

  • Hot leads were not qualified and were held hostage in the MAP
  • MQLs, that were held hostage or not accurately prioritized went cold
  • Lost sales opportunities that were never realised through conversion to sales and revenue.

Solution – Real Time & Retroactive Lead to Account Matching

Integrate used RingLead’s single platform to identify and match leads to accounts and use key account information to score leads. They have also set surviving record rules to identify which record is to be retained on merge, for example newest.

Integrate controlled how their data is handled by customising surviving field rule templates to define how data is handled for specific fields on merge.

For example, behavioural scores are aggregated on merge to give a holistic view of behaviour to guide future marketing and sales contact.



By adding behavioural scores, Integrate identified the hostage MQLs not being handed over into their CRM.

By aggregating behavioural scores, they have been able to increase their revenue opportunities by identifying more leads for the Sales team to follow-up and move through the funnel.

Integrate can expect up to a conversion rate of nearly 25% higher between the inquiry and the marketing qualified lead stages simply by having clean and accurate data (ZoomInfo).

Increase Total Marketable Database Size

Integrate Case Study

Challenge – Incomplete Data

While they were using a competitive solution to match leads to accounts, it was complex and unintuitive. Having duplicates really impacted Integrate’s ability to match their leads-to-accounts as there were many accounts and contacts that simply could not be connected.

Integrate could not dedicate the entire resource that was needed to manage the lead-to account linking process. The SDR’s tried to match incoming leads to accounts but:

  • The process took too much time and was only performed ad hoc
  • Valuable sales’ time was taken up with manual processes
  • There were too many changes happening within the organisation that took priority.

Integrate made the decision to drop lead-to-account linking altogether, and reps began to just work individual leads.

The outcome of this was:

  • Lack of knowledge of who exactly was in their database – reducing their marketability
  • Disconnect within the operations of the sales team
  • Multiple reps engaging with all people at accounts at different stages in the buying journey
  • Confused contacts and leads
  • Reduced conversions.

Solution – Zoominfo Enrichment & RingLead Orchestration

Integrate has used the RingLead data orchestration platform to normalize their incoming records and enrich them with required data to enable deduplication. They enriched their incoming records with, Name, Job title, Company Size, Industry.

"RingLead proved to be a better alternative to it main competitor for Routing & Lead to Account Matching - not only because it is more customizable & easier to use, but because it's a full platform.

In one web-hook call, a record is enriched, normalized, and routed to the appropriate SDR, this is all before it even hits Salesforce."

These automated processes set the foundation for seamless, automated lead-to-account linking. The RingLead platform then segments these leads for assignment to the appropriate campaigns.



Ashley now sees that their sales reps are set up for success with complete incoming records with up-to-date information.

Integrate’s data became more marketable in months, with their overall database marketability increasing by 46.67%

  • Leads database went from 20% marketable to 55% marketable
  • Contacts database from 53% marketable to 70% marketable
  • Overall database from 45% marketable to 66% marketable.

"We know more about people. We can put them in a define them, segment them, and send them only the information they are interested in."

Leads are now followed up by a single sales rep, creating harmony in the way Integrate operate, efficiency in how they approach contacts and a better, more personalised experience for their leads and customers.

Improve SDR Efficiency through Automation


Challenge – Manual tasks & processes take over sales’ efforts

Integrate needed to get to a point where there was a single record, rather than multiple duplicate records in their database.

Their SDRs had to perform manual merges in Salesforce, following a very manual duplicate identification process. The native Salesforce deduplication using email match meant duplicates were not easily identified as people in their database had multiple email addresses within the same company.

Integrate also needed to identify and preserve purposeful duplicates that were part of a parent child relationship, such as an account and subsidiary, or satellite office in another territory. This was impossible to do manually at the scale they needed.

"We ran a process where they exported leads into Excel, used a formula to find matches, and then SDRs had to manually merge them into Salesforce

It really was a time-wasting exercise. Costing us time, opportunities, and money."


Solution – Automated Deduplication & Data Orchestration

Integrate used several RingLead features including data normalization, enrichment, and deduplication, to enhance and cleanse data in preparation for automated deduplication.

They established specific criteria such as domain, to identify match and merge duplicates. This was especially valuable to be able to identify and retain their purposeful duplicates.

"With RingLead I can run a job, scan through it to make sure everything looks right, click a button, and it merges everything in minutes versus taking hours, days or even years."



Result Their holistic deduplication solution allowed SDR’s to focus on selling rather than spending time on manual data processes.

According to DiscoverOrg, the savings to sales from clean data are up to 550 hours and up to $32, 000 per rep.

Integrate was able to automate their deduplication processes and save their sales rep time, and the business money. They were able to identify and preserve the purposeful parent and child duplicates, which we will see became integral to solving their lead routing challenges.

"Deduplication is a great precursor to exceptional lead routing."


Integrate created a quality database and increased their overall database marketability by 46%.

Deduplication that includes flexible surviving record and field rules means that Integrate can continue to lift and scale their operations with the surety of ongoing regulatory compliance.

By using the full suite of RingLead features, such as normalization, enrichment deduplication, lead to account linking and routing within the one platform, Integrate have been able to create a seamless solution that lifts the effectiveness of their sales teams’ operation, to drive revenue.

They customized deduplication tasks using a combination of strict and loose fuzzy matching criteria on email, company name and phone number to ensure that duplicates were accurately identified and then merged on entry.

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