“RingLead has been incredibly powerful. The power lies in its simplicity.”
Richard Delahaye, Digital Marketing Director

About Intronis

Intronis provides Cloud backup and disaster recovery software to IT service providers. Their customers use the software to deploy data protection strategies to small businesses. The B2B SaaS company has been around for 12 years with 2,000 IT partners.



In addition to being responsible for digital marketing, Richard Delahaye, Digital Marketing Director at Intronis, also oversees the marketing database, making sure that the data is clean, accurate and growing. “We are looking for new prospects while cleaning the data to make sure the prospect information is correct. It was a very manual, time-consuming process,” shares Richard.

Intronis was seeking a user-friendly way of handling new, fresh data and moving it into Salesforce. With many different Lead scenarios, such as new, duplicate, or additional contact on a current account, specific steps were created to treat the data effectively in Salesforce. “That was a huge bottleneck for us,” says Richard, “In addition, duplicates cause a ton of problems for the salespeople and marketers.”


Intronis tapped RingLead to solve the data import bottleneck and duplicate data issue. RingLead seamlessly brings new data into Salesforce, whether it’s new leads, contacts or accounts, without duplicates. “We can confidently grab new data from various sources and upload it into Salesforce,” shares Richard, “And we don’t have to go through seven steps to make sure that the new data plays nice with the old data.”

With RingLead, salespeople are no longer creating duplicates. When a salesperson manually adds a new lead into Salesforce, RingLead suggests other records in the database that might be a good match, and makes sure salespeople are entering a unique record, and not creating a duplicate.

RingLead also helps Intronis target companies by searching the web for similar organizations based on their target requirements. “The RingLead engine brings that new data in, making sure that it doesn’t override old data. It also updates the current data,” says Richard, “RingLead was an easy configuration, and it’s powerful.”


  • 85% boost in efficiency: Reduced the data import process from seven steps to one step
  • Access to hundreds of new target companies for outreach

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