“Being able to get one holistic view on each customer, one holistic view on each person, is really helping us understand how our programs are impacting the business and who we should be actually engaging with.”
Nida Chughtai, VP of Marketing

About Mintigo

Mintigo helps marketers drive better marketing and find the fastest route to revenue. Their team of leading data-scientists helps to harness big data to help marketers gain insights to their customers. Mintigo is committed to leading the predictive marketing revolution.



Mintigo struggled to gain single views of its target accounts due to duplicate data. The Mintigo team required a solution that would remove duplicates and enable them to easily identify unique accounts, and all associated activity.


Mintigo deployed The RingLead Platform to help dedupe leads, contacts, and accounts in its database and gain clear insight into which unique accounts are actually engaging.

The RingLead Platform is a fully integrated, scalable data management solution that tackles all core data management processes including data discovery, deduplication, standardization, protection, and enrichment. RingLead integrates directly with leading CRMs and Marketing Automation Systems like Salesforce and Marketo to empower organizations with complete, centralized and secure control over their data.


RingLead helps Mintigo execute and understand the performance of their account-based strategies and demand generation programs with clean, reliable data. Since deploying RingLead, Mintigo has merged approximately 1090 accounts and 300 contacts, while simultaneously protecting their database from incoming duplicates via web forms and list uploads.

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