“Ringlead’s source-agnostic approach to data is superior to the rest of the market as it allows you to pool together multiple sources that best fit the need for our specific industry. Their ability to normalize our data is unmatched and the ease of integration is incredible.”
Matt Breese, Senior Manager, Marketing

MMIT Case Study

About MMIT

MMIT is an information technology services company focused on bringing transparency to pharmacy and medical benefit information. MMIT partners with PBMs, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers from P&T to point of care, and supports brands approaching launch, commercialization efforts, pre P&T marketing planning, and more.

MMIT Case Study


MMIT’s marketing team was managing a list of 150K+ contacts across a variety of tools. Their marketing automation platform served as their source of truth, but it was clouded by thousands of duplicates


MMIT enlisted the help of RingLead’s end-to-end solution to refine its single source of truth and provide a more intelligent way to clean and manage its data.

RingLead is a fully integrated, scalable data management solution that tackles all core data management processes including data discovery, deduplication, standardization, protection, and enrichment. RingLead integrates directly with leading CRMs and Marketing Automation Systems like Salesforce and Marketo to empower organizations with complete, centralized and secure control over their data.



  • MMIT successfully leveraged RingLead to clean their database and gain a reliable source of truth in Salesforce.
  • Ringlead enabled MMIT to increase the frequency and scale at which they append their contact database.
  • MMIT was able to capture new segmentation attributes across contacts and accounts and leverage these data points for hyper-targeted, personalized marketing.
  • MMIT leveraged Ringlead’s integration to reduce the number of monthly steps around data quality initiatives from dozens, to one or two.MMIT reduced soft and hard costs associated with internal resources and application take-outs.

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