“We implemented RingLead and instantly we saw that it really hit all those pain points that we were having issues with DemandTools. When you’re in the RingLead platform, you can just see how many different tools that they offer.”
Bryon Main, Chief Operating Officer


When joining Momentum Events, Bryon Main inherited a database fulls of duplicates and incomplete data. He needed a way to tackle all of Momentum Events’ dirty data issues.

To find a tool that was able to not only enrich that data but to also dedupe that data was a tremendous help to the organization and something that we benefit with through every day.

Momentum Events leveraged RingLead’s batch deduplication, list import duplicate prevention, and custom surviving field value rules to eliminate the duplicate problem they were facing without deleting potentially useful information.

When coming into this organization, there was a database in place and there was a lot of information in there that was put in by users and I wanted to avoid this scenario where all of a sudden we were merging duplicate data, but also we were losing valuable data through the process. So by setting up these matching rules and surviving fields the correct way, it eliminated that possibility

Once Momentum Events finally deduped their existing records, it came time to set up duplicate protection going forward.

RingLead gives you the ability to set your deduplication, so your account duplication, your lead to contact, your contact to contact. You could have it set on a specific date and time every week that it runs. And the other thing that’s great about it is in order to reduce the suck on your Salesforce APIs, you can schedule these to occur over the weekend when no one else is using Salesforce. So it’s not only just still getting the deduplication done, but it’s being efficient with your Salesforce APIs which can typically be a headache for Salesforce users

Momentum Events continues to use the RingLead Platform to maintain clean data with our suite of data quality tools like list import dupe prevention, custom object deduplication, mass update, mass delete, and normalization.


After trying out Salesforce’s native deduplication, Momentum Events found that real-time duplicate prevention was only half the battle. They needed a solution that could deduplicate their Salesforce Org en masse.

As an admin for, I wanted to be in control of being able to mass merge Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities. So the power that that tool [Salesforce Native Deduplication] offered was not good enough for us.

Bryon and Momentum Events went on to look at third party vendors to solve their duplicate crisis, but quickly found that other vendors lacked the flexibility to execute their data cleansing campaigns. That’s when they decided on RingLead as a clean data partner.

Another great thing about RingLead is when you’re in their platform, you can just see how many different tools that they offer such as mass delete, mass update, list import, Salesforce deduplication, Marketo deduplication, Eloqua deduplication, and I think a few other buttons in there that I don’t even know what they do, but they probably can help my organization


Bryon goes on to boast about RingLead customer support as an unexpected bonus when experiencing the power of the RingLead Platform

As many of you who probably use Cloud based technologies know that anytime you have to log a support ticket, it’s usually not an enjoyable experience. But the level of attention, response time, and coaching that I’ve received from the support staff at RingLead has been far superior to many other Cloud organizations that I’ve worked with. they’re not just a vendor that I seem to pay money for and they deliver a product, they really have worked with us as a partner.

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