“Without RingLead, we would not have the success that we have today. With RingLead, we can focus on proactive sales and marketing efforts, rather than being reactive.”
Russ Genest, VP of Sales

About NRI

NRI is a printing company turned service solution provider, offering printing services, data output, floor and window graphics, and most recently, 3D printing. NRI is over 100 years old, with 250 employees and nine offices nationwide.



NRI had many different databases, and was seeking to consolidate and integrate them into one CRM. NRI was also migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce. “We are constantly developing new processes and procedures to reach new customers and be more effective communicators, however, the migration and integrations were resulting in bad data, which inhibited our ability to do that,” shared Russ Genest, VP of Sales at NRI. The bad data included duplicates, incomplete data, and the inability to segment data for sales and marketing efforts.


NRI asked Salesforce for recommendations on data quality solutions, and RingLead was mentioned as the leader, and a main consultant of Salesforce. “After some evaluation internally, we found that RingLead was the right solution for us,” said Russ. RingLead eliminated duplicate records in Salesforce, allowing NRI to structure their data to effectively market to the right clients. “Historically, we had done mass email campaigns, and we found out very quickly that people opted out and the bounce rate was extremely high. With clean data, we effectively communicate to our clients, focus on marketing efforts, and have the ability to create drip campaigns.”

NRI also uses RingLead to collect new data on companies to help their sales efforts run more efficiently. “We’re updating our existing data as well as acquiring new, clean data,” shares Russ.


  • New deals, including one that paid for RingLead
  • A growth in sales from targeted marketing efforts
  • Significant time saved to focus on new business efforts
  • Transformative web traffic growth

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