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SecurityMetrics Case Study

About SecurityMetrics

SecurityMetrics is a global leader of industry compliance and data security solutions focused on helping customers close security and compliance gaps to avoid data breaches. SecurityMetrics has tested over 1 million systems for security, and helps companies simplify compliance mandates (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR) through vulnerability assessments and data security tools.

SecurityMetrics Case Study


SecurityMetrics needed a way to easily identify leads and update contacts when importing trade show lists to their CRM.


SecurityMetrics was specifically interested in leveraging RingLead’s list import feature to prevent duplicates and identify existing contacts and matching accounts in Salesforce.


SecurityMetrics was able to drastically reduce the time required to process and import trade show lists by deploying RingLead. Year-to-date, SecurityMetrics prevented 5,200 duplicates from list imports and manual entry

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