RingLead Cleanse uses patented duplicate merging
technology to detect and eliminate duplicates
inside your CRM and MAP.

Why RingLead Cleanse?

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Watermark Accelerates Database Mergers and Integrations

See how Watermark Insights used RingLead to merge 3 disparate Salesforce Orgs following an acquisition, allowing them to achieve a single source of truth for their customer data.

Altium Cleans Data and Impacts Revenue Growth

See Altium’s explanation for how implementing a data quality strategy through RingLead had a “direct impact on revenue growth.”

Explore RingLead Cleanse features

Dirty data is expensive

Experts estimate it costs $1 to prevent a duplicate, $10 to correct it and $100 to store it if left untreated

How dirty is your data? Take the dirty data quiz to find out the state of your database.

Data Cleansing Tool

Clean data = More Revenue

In fact, an organization can generate up to 70% more revenue based on data quality.

Cleaning data by hand is
tedious and time-consuming

With standard/custom object deduplication and
powerful bulk actions, RingLead optimizes
your database for maximum performance with
minimum human effort.


RingLead seamlessly integrates with your CRM and marketing automation platform for a hassle-free process to high-quality data. With a simple set up and easy-to-follow instructions, cleaner data is only a few clicks away.


Easily connect your CRM to RingLead and experience powerful duplicate matching, duplicate protection, real-time enrichment, intelligent routing, and more.


RingLead integrates with your Marketo Instance via Webhooks and APIs to prevent duplicates, enrich in real time, normalize, match leads to accounts, route leads, and more.


RingLead integrates with Eloqua via APIs to merge your existing duplicates, prevent future duplicates, and enrich in real time for a stronger database going forward.

Salesforce Pardot

Easily configure Pardot and experience real-time enrichment, bulk enrichment, and smarter lead generation via intelligent web forms right in your website.

Before Cleanse

The average database is full of dirty data that interferes with your ability to achieve the single customer view necessary to drive a frictionless customer experience.

With Cleanse

RingLead’s Data Cleansing Tool optimizes your database so you can spend less time worrying about the integrity of your data and more time taking action.

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