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A performance-based culture shapes the way employees think, work and feel.

By design, a performance-based culture drives the entire organization, its results and its revenue.


RingLead’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Hickey has successfully implemented a performance-based culture at his last three companies. In every instance, the shift in culture resulted in improved workflows, increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

A successful performance-based culture demands transparency, communication, trust, evaluation and engagement. How things will get done, what work will be rewarded, and how, should all be clearly outlined to employees. If employees understand what is expected of them, and what winning looks like, they are more likely to rise to the occasion and contribute to the win.  

At RingLead, we win each time we exceed the expectations of our customers. For that reason, our performance evaluations center on metrics that measure customer satisfaction. We measure everything from product usability and capabilities, to tech support response times and website usability.

We give each employee a unique set of expectations that are reviewed once a month with their direct supervisor. The expectations contain granular details and metrics that help eliminate any potential bias during the review. If the employee receives “achieved expectations” or “exceeded expectations” on 12 consecutive reviews, that employee is offered equity in the company. RingLead’s performance-based stock vests immediately upon being earned. Employees are also able to leverage their outstanding reviews to open conversations about salary increases, incentive-based bonuses and career advancement opportunities.

As for transparency, we share metrics and status reports across the company daily. We also allow employees from different departments to view the expectations of their peers. We believe this level of transparency not only increases sense of ownership, but also builds a level of trust that every team member is contributing to the win.

Of course, we recognize that a performance-based culture is not the right fit for every individual, and we wish everyone the best of luck in their professional endeavors.

If you are someone that excels at multi-tasking and meeting deadlines, and are looking for your next challenge, you may be the perfect fit for our team.