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CRM and Marketing Automation Cleanup


Got dupes? Let’s fix ‘em!

The ugly truth about dirty data

25% of your marketing automation database goes bad each year, according to Sirius Decisions. Even worse, 10%-25% of databases have errors that prevent you from doing your job effectively. This is a big problem for marketers in the marketing automation space. After all, you’re spending tons of time, resources and funds on your marketing automation program, only to find errors in your database preventing you from routing or effectively targeting your audience. Even worse, you’re paying for those bad records.

Your marketing automation platform is a clean slate when you first buy it, and it’s up to you to fill it with clean, accurate data. Our proprietary and industry leading default fuzzy matching logic finds 93-99% of duplicates. That’s why RingLead is the first choice in deduplication and data hygiene.


  • Fuzzy Matching Logic (We do not rely on exact match of one specific field)
  • Finds duplicate leads, contacts & accounts
  • Search Cross Object (Lead-to-Contact and Lead-to-Account)
  • Merge all of your duplicates with our “auto merge”
  • Cloud-based (no installation required)
  • Over 5 different options on how to determine the master record when merging
  • Ability to define surviving field values for the master record (select a specific field from the master, the duplicate being merged, or fill it manually)
  • Customizable settings (Which fields show on the report, search through a subset of records or all Salesforce records)
  • Automatically prevent null field values when merging duplicates
  • Full-time support and training


  • Duplicates will bloat your lead metrics and pipeline reporting
  • Duplicates prevent marketers from routing leads appropriately to Sales
  • Duplicates cause lead scores to split, holding MQLs hostage in MAPs
  • Duplicates cause miscommunication to prospects and customers, damaging your reputation
  • Duplicates cause confusion among your Sales team and reduce confidence in Marketing generated leads


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