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Duplicates can singlehandedly destroy your database.

A single duplicate can cost you over $100 if left untreated.

It’s time to get serious about your data management strategy, and we can help!

Our one-time data deduplication service is ideal for customers looking to jumpstart their journey to data quality and data-driven sales and marketing investments, without investing hours of time. With our deduplication service our expert data scientists will do all of the heavy lifting for you, beginning with an initial data assessment, and ending with a clean, duplicate-free database. After your initial service is complete, our expert data scientists can work with you to automate data quality using RingLead DMS tools like List Import and Web Submissions.

With our Data Deduplication Service,

we employ the same approach we use on our own data.

We assess your data

to determine the severity of your duplicate situation, where your duplicates are coming from, and how your data compares to other Salesforce customers.

We use over 55 best-in-class Matching Rules to customize matching logic to identify and group your duplicates.

Examples of Matchers we employ include: First Name, Nicknames, Extract Domain (from email or website), six options for Address Fields, First N words only, three options for Phonetic, Regular Expression, and many more.

We use custom field level selection 

to ensure every field is uniquely addressed so that your master record has the best, most recent and most valuable information.

We ensure no contacts are lost

during a merge so that all of your related fields tied to contacts are now associated with a single account

We provide reporting

on how many duplicates merged.

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