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Never be DUPED again! 

Find, remove and prevent duplicates … for good

On average, companies find that their CRM contains 20-40% duplicates. RingLead’s Data Quality Platform fortifies a perimeter to REMOVE and PREVENT duplicates from entering your database.


How many duplicates are in your database?

  • Improve rep productivity

  • Save money on marketing automation fees

  • Improve reporting accuracy

  • Reduce spam and unsubscribes

  • Increase sales conversion rates

  • Recover revenue lost to poor data quality

CRM & Marketing Automation Cleanup


Manual Entry Dupe Prevention


List Upload Dupe Prevention


Web Form Dupe Prevention


Comprehensive Data Quality Assurance


Duplicate identification

In addition to finding duplicates WITHIN your Lead, Contact and Account objects, RingLead finds duplicates ACROSS objects. For example, if a lead matches a contact we will find it and enable you to merge them together.

Custom deduplication rules

RingLead provides out-of- the-box, pre-configured rules for finding duplicates. You also have total control to change and customize these rules for your business. You have the ability to determine which fields to use in duplicate matching. You can also determine the importance of each of those fields in finding matching records.

Fuzzy Matching

Some CRM and marketing automation systems offer simplistic deduping by matching similar email addresses. Our algorithms look at many attributes associated with a lead, contact or account such as name, domain, location information, telephone number and company, to name a few. If an exact match is not found, our algorithms use fuzzy matching. This means that the application will apply wildcards, multiple SOQL filters and other techniques to first find possible matches then score those candidates for closeness.

Duplicate removal (merge)

Merging records is simple and can be done manually, automatically in bulk, or in real-time as they enter your system. To merge manually, simply view duplicates side-by- side, select a master record and click “merge”. You can also determine which fields to be the master. Alternatively, select a group of records and mass merge them all at once. With RingLead, you have total control over each field’s overwrite/append rules.

Full control over field update rules

RingLead provides full control over field mapping and field update rules. Field-specific update options include Overwrite, Ignore, Update if Blank, Prepend, Append, and Increment.

Cross-object deduping

Able to identify duplicates across SFDC Objects

  • Leads:  Finds and merges duplicate leads in the Lead and Contact objects
  • Contacts:  Finds and merges duplicate contacts in the Contact object
  • Accounts: Finds and merges duplicate accounts in the Account object
  • Lead to Contact: Finds and merges duplicates across Leads and Contacts
  • Lead to Account: Finds leads that have an existing Account and, if desired, converts them (with their campaigns and activities) to a new contact under the appropriate account.
Dedupe new records (duplicate prevention)

Duplicate prevention acts like a gatekeeper to check your new data against your existing data to make sure that it’s unique, whether you are loading in the data or it’s coming from a web form.