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Capture 3.0 is a revolutionary prospecting tool

with the ability to generate & save 1,000+ Leads with a simple click of a button.


Reduce hours spent researching prospects, and put the selling back in sales with Capture 3.0

This sophisticated tool is an enhanced version of RingLead’s original Capture product, building on the same idea of

capturing, cleaning, enriching, and importing data into CRMs around the world.

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With the new Capture, researching prospects is now easier than ever.

  • Capture 3.0 performs a real-time crawl of the Internet and multiple databases to bring you everything from Firmographics about a company’s size, industry, and address, to any social media platforms and related URLs for a company or contact.
  • Extract information from any source (social media, email signature, title, company website, excel spreadsheet)
  • Generate valuable, clean data that you can easily save to your CRM in seconds

Capture 3.0 also includes duplicate prevention, letting you know in real-time that you may be creating a duplicate, and providing a side-by-side comparison of your existing data and the data you are importing.

Creating a clean, de-duped, and enriched database has never been simpler.

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