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Duplicate data undermines even the best sales and marketing automation strategies and

makes successful Account-Based Marketing virtually impossible.

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RingLead merges the duplicate Marketo lead with the Marketo lead linked to the matching Salesforce record. During the merge, RingLead enforces your customized data standards in real-time to ensure your database remains clean, and in a campaign-ready state.

  • RingLead is a leading Marketo partner when it comes to joint customers.
  • Best-in-Class Matching Rules
  • 55 Matching Rules and growing
  • Cross-Object Matching
  • Provides custom matching for most customers requiring advanced matching logic

With RingLead duplicate prevention,

 Each Marketo lead is processed at the source, whether imported through a web form or a list upload.

We share over 250 customers including

The Weather Company (IBM), Aruba Networks (HP), CA Technologies and RES Software.

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