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Duplicate data in Salesforce results in wasted

sales and marketing investments, inaccurate sales forecasts, and inefficient workflows.

RingLead Duplicate Prevention for Salesforce has a no-nonsense approach to duplicates, tackling them at all three major entry points:

List uploads, web forms and manual entry.

Regain control of your database with


Most duplicate prevention tools allow duplicates to be created and perform a real-time scan to catch the duplicate before it enters your Salesforce database.

But Rather than slowing down your system with a real-time scan,


RingLead prevents the duplicates altogether. By preventing the duplicates, we avoid triggering unwanted workflows such as email notifications, incorrect lead assignments, and inaccurate auto-response emails. With limitless matching rules and the ability to enforce normalization standards, Duplicate Prevention for Salesforce keeps your database in a campaign-ready state.

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