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Dreamforce is on my mind. What will Marc Benioff launch this year? What giveaways will we find? What will the backpacks look like?

dreamforce tipsWith a slew of sponsors and booths at the expo halls, I find myself coming home from Dreamforce — or any conference for that matter — with a bag full of pens. What’s with the pen? It’s cheap, easy to give away, and useful to everyone. However, as time passes, there are fewer and fewer pens from trade shows around the office. Since we all collect them, what happened to the tradeshow pens? When I asked this question around the office, the answer was simple: “I threw them out, Donato. They stopped working.”

What Crappy Pens are Saying About Your Company

When I get a low quality pen from your company that does not work, I associate that with your brand. In other words, your company is associated with that bad experience of feverishly scribbling nothing onto your notepad and then throwing the pen away in a huff. Sure, it’s free, but how can your company stand out or be viewed positively if your giveaway is a piece of junk?

Step Up Your Pens

I have never had a pen from a trade show last. Have you? Dreamforce is a chance to bring something new and exciting to the table, so why not start with something as simple, and necessary, as a pen?

I live by my Fischer Space Pen. It is compact, works great, and I have not used another single pen for an entire year. I keep it on my keychain and always have it with me. You don’t have to give away a great pen, but consider something that positively represents your brand. It should be quality and useful.

Consider Your Footprint

All sponsors plan giveaways at Dreamforce, but we are teaching our children to recycle and not to waste, and to have a better world. Why does that go out the window when we prep for shows like Dreamforce? I paid around $20 for my space pen and I regularly give them as gifts. After a year, it is more cost effective, process efficient, and a clutter free way of using a writing instrument. Think long term, think quality. After all, everything you do — or give away — is a reflection of your brand.

Deliver a quality product, whether it’s a free pen or your paid software. That’s my Dreamforce tip.

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The author:

Donato Diorio is the Interim CEO of RingLead with primary responsibility of combining the teams, technology and vision of RingLead and Broadlook Technologies, a data technology company founded by Donato. Donato started his career as a software engineer and quickly became a specialist in process automation. Software architect first, top billing recruiter second, Donato combined his two careers; technology and talent selection to found Broadlook Technologies in 2002.