Building a Business Case for Data Orchestration Initiatives

Sell your C-suite on data investments

We all know the popular SiriusDecisions statistic: improving your data quality yields a 66% increase in revenue. But building a business case for data orchestration at your company requires more than catch phrases and startling statistics – it requires a deeper dive into the impact of data across your entire business. In this guide, we’ll highlight a few core areas that a data orchestration program can optimize in order to help your top and bottom lines.

How to Build A Business Case for Data Orchestration

With help from this guide, learn how to build a business case around how data orchestration:

Increases engagement and effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns through hyper-personalization
Drives speed-to-lead for an increase in lead conversion, opportunity creation, and revenue generation
Reduces data storage costs by purging dirty, stale data
Improves the effectiveness of Advertising, Predictive and ABM programs

How to Build A Business Case for Data Orchestration

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