Marketers vs Duplicate Data

How you can win the infamous battle

Dirty data has a way of silently infiltrating your organization, creating frustration, inefficiency, and dismal user adoption in the systems themselves. It can affect each department and group of stakeholders in a very different way, but unless there is a “State of Our Data” address, the problem is not brought to the forefront of the organization’s collective psyche. In this guide, we’ll dive into the crux of dirty data for marketers, and the step you can take today to stop bad data at its source.

Marketers vs Duplicate Data: How you can Win

Download the guide to learn more about:

The definition, cost, and impact of dirty data
Fundamental blocks to solving your dirty data problem
Preventing duplicates from web hooks, list imports and APIs
Managing your Marketo integration to ensure ongoing data quality

Marketers vs Duplicate Data: How you can Win

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