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Automatically append data to new leads to drive sales productivity

RingLead’s CRM Data Enrichment provides you with over 40 fields of information on every new lead. This information includes contact details, firmographics, company information and social profiles.


  • Spot the biggest deals

  • Assign Leads to the right rep

  • Increase rep productivity

  • Increase lead flow

  • Target communications

Data Field Control


Easy Implementation


Seamless Integration


Limitless Configuration and Data Enhancement Options


Over 40 valuable fields

RingLead’s CRM Data Enrichment, provides you with over 40 fields of information on every new lead. This information includes contact information, firmographics, company information and social profiles.

Firmographic append

RingLead uses firmographic data such as revenues, number of employees, industry codes, SIC code, and NAICS code to drive lead scoring, lead qualification, segmentation, and customized messaging to help identify the biggest opportunities and develop the most targeted communications.

Contact info append

Missing important information such as telephone numbers to call? We fill in phone numbers and email addresses for your contacts. We can also provide job titles, enabling persona-based segmentation and messaging. Where available, we also provide a brief bio on people along with the proper spelling of their first, middle and last name.

Company Information

The best way to prevent duplicate accounts and correctly assign territories and mount campaigns is with standardized company information. RingLead provides the correct spelling of each company’s name along with an accurate URL for the company, accurate company address and phone number.

Social media append

Information on a prospect’s social media activity can provide reps with a contextually relevant way to start a conversation with prospects. RingLead scans 18 of the most popular social networks and identifies both personal and corporate accounts. Coverage includes Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Meetup, Klout and 12 other networks.

Push-button updates

Reps can navigate to a lead or contact in Salesforce and simply click a button to append key data on their record.

Automatic append

Lead fields are automatically enriched with our data whenever a new record is added to your system. Whether you’re using a marketing automation system like Marketo or a CRM like Salesforce, you can ‘set it and forget it’. Rest assured that our data operations platform is working hard 24/7.

Smart rules

If data already exists in a field, like company address, RingLead won’t overwrite it. You have full control over the overwrite rules.