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Duplicate Removal & Prevention for ExactTarget

RingLead and ExactTarget Integration

  • Real-time synchronization with Salesforce (vs. the standard nightly update)

  • Ensure proper segmentation for records with multiple e-mail addresses

  • Prevent duplicate Leads and Contacts from entering Salesforce

  • Improve the accuracy of ExactTarget reporting

Duplicates in ExactTarget creates a wide variety of problems

Inaccurate Lead Scoring

Decreased Email Open Rates

Higher cost for Marketo

Relying on ExactTarget’s standard deduplication functionality, which matches duplicates based on exact-match email address alone, has the potential to allow many duplicate Leads/Contacts into your CRM. Today’s marketing landscape includes multiple data entry points which are tied to various prospect touch-points, including whitepaper downloads, free trial signup pages, contest entry forms and more.

Case Studies

“No more duplicates in Marketo! BOOM!”


See how GrabCAD used RingLead to clean up all duplicate Marketo records within two hours.

See how SLI Systems prevents fuzzy match duplicates from entering Marketo.

“RingLead solved the majority of my data hygiene issues. It was the first thing I implemented when I came on board with SLI Systems…”


Director Marketing

Watch how Egencia uses RingLead to enforce data standards and ensures accurate lead scoring.

“RingLead changed how we look at this problem.”

Marketo Champion of the Year

See how Intronis increased marketing’s efficiency by 85%. Reducing the data import process from seven steps to one step.

“RingLead has been incredibly powerful. The power lies in its simplicity.”

Marketing Specialist