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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If you need support please log in to RingLead, click the support tab and create a case.

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How does RingLead match existing Accounts?

RingLead allows you to adjust Account matching logic to fit your business processes.

1. Log into RingLead and click on the 'Unique Upload' tab.

2. Click on the ‘Change Configuration Settings’ link

3. Under ‘Account Matching’ make the required changes, enter a valid Salesforce username and password at the top of the page and click ‘Update Settings’.

RingLead looks at several criteria when determining Account matches. Under Account Name, you can adjust how we perform fuzzy matching on the Account Name and other fields.

  • Loose - match by similar company name, phone, website and more
  • Medium - match by similar company name field only
  • Strong - match by exact company name field Address fields are always considered when looking at duplicate Accounts. To require portions of the address, you may select that option from the appropriate dropdown.
  • Considered - Considered to match existing Accounts Required - Required to match existing Accounts

** Note that an address field set to "Required" will not match if either the address field in Salesforce or the address in the list do not have a value.

How do you add custom campaign member fields in Web-to-Lead?

The following will allow you to add Custom Campaign Member fields with our Web-to-Lead application.

1. Log in to RingLead, select your Web-to-Lead web form script. Under advanced configurations, make sure the "Create New Lead Option" option is set to: "Create Lead with Salesforce API"

2. Find the custom Campaign Member API field name in Salesforce Setup. Example: MemberCustomField__c

3. Identify the Campaign ID, which will be a unique combination of numbers and letters and will start with 701. You can locate this by navigating to the Campaign in Salesforce and viewing the URL (ie. ) In this example, the Campaign ID = 701F0000000AzNb

4. Add a line of HTML to your web form. The value for 'input name' will be comprised of three parts:

  • RL_Campaign will not change
  • MemberCustomField__c is your Campaign Member Custom Field (NOT Campaign Custom Field)
  • 701xxxxxxxx will be the Campaign ID You will also need to add a separate line of HTML for "member status," which is shown in the example below.

5. (Optional) Adding multiple campaigns. A unique Campaign member status can be associated with each of the Campaigns by adding a new hidden field for each Campaign. You will first need to identify each Campaign ID using the process mentioned above. Then, you can simply add an additional line of HTML for each additional Campaign that you would like to add. In this example, we will have two separate campaigns, 701600000008Zie and 701600000008gRz.

Are Record Types supported by RingLead?

Unique Upload and Unique Web-to-Lead support Salesforce Lead Record Types. In Unique Upload, after uploading a list, Lead Record Types are managed in the "Record Type Options for New and Matching Leads" section. The first option sets the record type for any new Leads created. The second option sets the record type for any matching Leads.

What is the auto-response legacy setup process?


Below are instructions for setting up auto-response rules in which send emails to matching Leads/Contacts. The process for setting up auto-response rules for new Leads does not change in (Setup > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead).

1. Create a new "RingLead Auto-Response Temp Leads" Queue (Setup> Manage Users> Queues) and assign a User. Leads in this Queue are only temporary and are deleted the next time a web form is submitted ( can take more than 5 minutes to create this temporary Lead). The Leads are created only to take advantage of the auto-response rules, then the Leads are deleted.

PLEASE NOTE: You may want to change your views and hide these temporary Leads so that no one attempts to follow-up with these Leads. The activity with details on the auto-response email is transferred to the matching Lead just before this temporary Lead is deleted.

2. Create a new Lead custom field "RingLead Auto-Response". Make this custom field a 25-character text field and make it visible to everybody, but don't add it to the Lead Page Layout. There is no need to create a custom field for Contacts (matching Contacts will receive the auto-response since RingLead creates a new temporary Lead for these as well).

3. Update your field actions. Login to RingLead and select the Declone Web-to-Lead web form script. Click the "Configure actions for updating fields" link in the Advanced Features section. At the bottom of the page, confirm that "RingLead Auto-Response" is displayed in the Custom Fields section and the action is set to "Overwrite***". Be sure to click the "Update Field Actions" button.

4. Edit Lead Assignment Rule, so that the new Lead is assigned to the "RingLead AutoResponse" Queue if the custom field is "not equal to" and leave the value blank. Make this the highest priority rule. Please be sure to test that everything is setup correctly.

What do I do if the Data Shield schema is not being enforced in my org even though I set up a new schema?

Go to the Data Suite Set-up Tab > click on "Register and Configure" > Click "Shield Settings" > When the schema manager loads, select the appropriate scheme and click the Enforce button.

What is the difference between Calibration Search and Full Search?

Calibration search will bring you back the first 50 results, use this for the initial test and refining stages of working with Market Mapper. Full Search should only be run once after you have added your additional keywords and returned 50 good matches with the calibration search.

Can the Campaign Name and Campaign Member Status be defined by list column?

Both the Campaign Name and Campaign Member Status can be defined differently for each person in a list uploaded. These values can be included in specifically named columns in the list. CAMPAIGN NAME The pull down menu for Campaign Name contains a “Use from List” choice if one of your column headers (in the uploaded file) is “Campaign” or “Campaigns”. The “Use from List” option will use the Campaign Name from your file. CAMPAIGN MEMBER STATUS The radio button for uploading your Member Status in a list is visible if you include a column header "Member Status" in your upload. If a Member Status in the list is invalid for this Campaign, then the Default Member Status will be used.

Can access to Unique Entry be changed after install? How can I perform this action?

If Unique Entry was set up initially to allow Admin access only, the access can be changed by using this Solution: Go to Setup > Develop > Pages, and look for the "RingLead Unique Entry for Lead" (also for Contact and Accounts). Click "Security" next to the page and then include all the Profiles that you want to give access to for the app.

Can I change the Salesforce Organization associated with my RingLead account?

You may change the Salesforce Organization associated with a RingLead account. Log in to RingLead and click Setup at the top right corner. Choose the Declone application you wish to change and enter the new Salesforce Username and Password.

IMPORTANT Declone Web-to-Lead archives some company information that must be updated when a different Salesforce Organization is used, so please contact and notify us of the change to ensure your data is placed in the correct instance.

Can I create Person accounts with RingLead?

RingLead does not have any functionality that will create new person accounts; however, a process that works great is to use Unique Upload to prevent all of the duplicates, and to not select the "create new leads" feature. Upon list processing, you will receive an email with an attachment of all of the "net new leads" that you can then import the net new as person accounts, using the data loader for example. That will resolve your issue of preventing dupes, while at the same time, appease the requirement of person account creation.

Can I dedupe a list of just companies?

Unique Upload can dedupe people, but may also be used to dedupe a list of companies.

1. In Excel, remove the First name, Last name and email address from your list of Accounts.

2. Upload this list in RingLead. Select "Do Not Update" for all field actions. In the section labeled "Existing Lead, Contact and Account Options" select: "Search Accounts" "Identify Leads from Same Company" Do not select a Campaign or create Tasks.

3. When your list is returned, you should have one or more files: companies.csv This file includes companies that matched existing Leads from the same company. accounts.csv If updates are required for matching Accounts, import the accounts.csv file directly into Salesforce using the Salesforce Import Wizard and match by Account ID. newleads.csv This file includes companies that did not match existing Accounts. Import these as new Accounts in Salesforce using the Salesforce Import Wizard. See Salesforce help for more information about importing Accounts.

4. Create Accounts in Salesforce: Salesforce Accounts Tab > Import My Accounts & Contacts > Upload the file returned by RingLead "accounts.cvs"

Can I programmatically send to RingLead?

Yes. You may use a program to send records to your Web-to-Lead web form script. However, a delay of 10 seconds is requested between submissions. Failure to do so may result in you account being suspended by RingLead.

Can Unique Web-to-Lead's default matching logic be changed?

RingLead’s Unique Web-to-Lead matching logic can be adjusted in several ways.


RingLead can handle email matching in various ways. Much like the match by Id feature, RingLead can match by a unique Email address. Additionally, RingLead can ignore emails or require that both email and name be an exact match. To manage these settings: Log in to RingLead and select a Declone Web-to-Lead web form script. Under ‘Advanced Search options for Leads and Contacts’. Choose one of the following Standard:

  • Match by email/first/last/company/phone/address, etc. (recommended)
  • Email Only - Match by email ONLY and disregard first/last/company/phone/address, etc. Email or Phone Exact Match - Exact email or phone are required for matches. Matching Email is not enough to consider a match. Ignore Email - Match by only first/last/company/phone/address/website and ignore email.
  • Email and Name Required - Exact email and first/last name are required for matches. Matching Email is not enough to consider a match.


Online registration systems can store a unique ID in the browser session that corresponds to a field in Salesforce. The RingLead "Match By ID" feature allows customers to submit a hidden field in a web form to RingLead. RingLead will match by this unique ID and update the existing record in Salesforce. The following TWO changes are required:

1) Log in to RingLead and select a Declone Web-to-Lead web form script. The first item in the Advanced Features section is "Match By Unique Field". Choose one of the following two options: Match by Salesforce ID: If a Lead or Contact ID is submitted as a value in your web form, RingLead will match the record in Salesforce with that Id. If no value is submitted, RingLead will attempt to find a matching Contact, Lead and/or Account. Match by a Unique Custom Contact and Lead Field: If a value in the custom field below is submitted in your web form, RingLead will match by this unique ID. If no value is submitted, RingLead will attempt to find a matching Contact, Lead and/or Account.

2) The web form submitted must contain a value in the field "SalesforceID". For Example: For a Lead ID: For a Contact ID: For a CustomID:

How do you change Lead Status for Converted Leads?

To change the Lead Converted Status: In Salesforce, go to Your Name > Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields > Lead Status Edit the Value, then select the box for Converted.

How do you change the Task Status via Web-to-Lead?

When a matching record is found after a web form is submitted, RingLead Web-to-Lead can create a Task for the owner of the existing Lead, Contact or Account. The default Task Subject, Priority or Owner can be changed in the Web-to-Lead configuration page. Any values submitted with the web form will overwrite the defaults settings configured after logging into RingLead. Many Task options can be determined using hidden fields within your web form. Example for changing the Status from In Progress to Completed: Replace the value="In Progress" to value="Completed" in the portion of your web form.

How do you correct for Foreign Characters in Excel?

Prepare your list as usual in Excel, save as Unicode Text., then close Excel. Re-open a new spreadsheet in Excel, and follow the steps below to re-create the text file in Windows(ANSI):

1. In Excel, in the Data tab, click on the "From Text" icon at the top.

2. Choose your unicode text file, which will open a Text Import Wizard dialog box.

3. Choose the Delimited radio button.

4. Start import at row 1, and choose Windows (ANSI) as the File origin.

5. Click the "Next" button

6. Choose Tab as the delimiter, and then click Finish.

7. Save the resulting file as Unicode Text and import into Salesforce using Unique Upload.

8. Be sure to check the "Create New Leads" and "Create New Contacts in Matching Accounts" boxes.

***When the email comes with the report, the csv file for newleads may contain corrupted characters, but this file can be ignored. You should check Salesforce instead to see how the new leads were imported there.

Keywords: foreign characters, weird characters in Salesforce, foreign names in list, Excel formatting errors.

How do you create a converted Lead for new Contacts at existing Accounts?

If no matching Contact or Lead is found, you can configure Declone Web-to-Lead to search Accounts and create a new Contact. This option will create a new Lead then convert the Lead to a new Contact and attach the Contact to the existing Account. This can be helpful when reporting on Leads (converted and not converted).

To enable the feature to create the converted Lead, add the following hidden field to your web form: convertedStatus

The value of this field must be one of the values created in Salesforce (Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields > Lead Status). HTML Example: WARNING: Field mapping for Leads converted to Contacts is defined in Salesforce (Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields > Map Lead Fields).

How do you create a Second Task with Unique Upload or Unique Web-to-Lead?

When uploading a list with Unique Upload, or configuring your Web-to-Lead script, you have the ability to create a second Task for new and matching Leads and Contacts. For example - The first Task can be created to log the list upload and archive field values for each person in the list. The second Task can schedule a follow-up for each person in the list.

How do you create new Accounts/Contacts using newleads csv file?

You can use the Salesforce Import Wizard for Accounts/Contacts to create new Accounts with the 'newleads.csv' file you received from RingLead. In Salesforce, Go to Your Name>Setup>Data Management>Import Accounts/Contacts.

How do you achieve address validation as part of data enhancement?

Data enhancement such as Address Validation is available from StrikeIron, a 3rd party partner. Once your StrikeIron account is active, RingLead can integrate your StrikeIron service with RingLead. Currently, only address validation and email verification services from StrikeIron are available for RingLead integration and it is only available with RingLead Declone Web-to-Lead service.

To purchase services from StrikeIron, please email or call +1.919.405.7010.