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How do I get started with the Data Quality Suite for Salesforce?

If you've clicked to install the Data Quality Suite for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange, a data quality specialist will be emailing you shortly with the installation instructions.

In the mean time, you can learn more about the Data Quality Suite for Salesforce right here. This complete data quality suite removes existing duplicates and prevents the creation of new duplicates via the three main entry points: list import, web form submission and manual entry.

  • Find and prevent dupes
  • Merge duplicate Leads, Contacts & Accounts
  • Prevent the creation of new duplicates

This comprehensive, dupe-stopping data quality suite includes:

Dupe Dive

FREE Duplicates Diagnostic application that analyzes and find duplicates in your Lead records, the fun and social way. Learn more about Dupe Dive >>

Data Cleanse

Identifies duplicate Leads, Leads to Contacts, Leads to Accounts, Contacts, and Accounts. The simple interface empowers both technical and non-technical users. Learn more about Data Cleanse >>

Unique Web-to-Lead

Prevent dupes in your web forms. Your fields can be updated without any data loss based on your defined rules. It's campaign and lead assignment supported. Task/email notifications alert record owners to the attempted dupes. Learn more about Unique Web-to-Lead >>

Unique Upload

Prevent the creation of duplicate Leads, Contacts and Accounts when uploading lists. The app uses a field-by-field configuration based on your business rules. Learn more about Unique Upload >>

Unique Entry

Ever wish Salesforce could warn you, as-you-type, when you're entering a duplicate Lead, Account, or Contact? Now it can. In real-time, as information is being manually entered, Unique Entry will seek and display possible dupes. Learn more about Unique Entry >>