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You need willing CRM users to keep Salesforce purring and in use. After all, users are the ones who make Salesforce work. They live and breathe it in a culture of accountability. If you have 10 sales reps using Salesforce, and eight of them are adopting it beautifully while two of them are struggling, work hard to get the two back on track.

By not diminishing your expectations, holding users accountable, and providing help and assistance, all 10 sales reps will be completely on board.

Weave Salesforce into Conversations

Oftentimes sales reps will be so focused on the deal itself that they may not enter the information into Salesforce right away. For example, in a forecast call, a sales rep excitedly announces his new opportunity that’s worth a lot of money and it’s looking really good for closing. Instead of applauding them right away, weave in the CRM. Tell them you’re happy to hear that, but ask where that information resides in Salesforce. If they admit they haven’t updated Salesforce, put them on the spot. “Didn’t you say it happened two days ago? Why didn’t you document it?”

Establish that sense of accountability. If it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen. You want to make sure that what the system is telling you, and what the sales rep is telling you, are the same. You want reality to be represented in the system.

Demonstrate Real Results

Look for opportunities to showcase the relationship between Salesforce adoption and the positive sales performance that results from it. Explicitly call these results out when they happen. Here are three examples of these opportunities.

  • Sales reps quickly follow up on leads delivered in real-time via Salesforce, resulting in higher lead conversion. Call it out!
  • Sales reps are effectively managing their opportunities, keeping great notes and activities which helps SEs and BDRs move the process along faster and more accurately. Call it out!
  • Sales reps are poorly managing their opportunities and are underperforming. This is quickly caught and addressed as a result of Salesforce. Call it out!

While there are other ingredients to your company’s success, Salesforce is one of the most fundamental aspects, and everyone in your organization needs to know that.

Provide Ongoing Support

Be extremely responsive to the sales reps’ questions and challenges, and try to support them in real time. Refer them to your documentation and add their questions to your feedback list if you haven’t addressed it in your documentation.

Create new documentation when required. Salesforce documentation is never static; it’s always going to be changing, you’re always going to add new things, and you’ll always address new questions.

Your Salesforce deployment is never complete. Continuously seek opportunities to enhance, expand and simplify Salesforce.

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The author:

Donato Diorio is the Interim CEO of RingLead with primary responsibility of combining the teams, technology and vision of RingLead and Broadlook Technologies, a data technology company founded by Donato. Donato started his career as a software engineer and quickly became a specialist in process automation. Software architect first, top billing recruiter second, Donato combined his two careers; technology and talent selection to found Broadlook Technologies in 2002.