Surviving the Duplicate Epidemic

Poor data quality is among the most frustrating and costly issues facing the modern data driven business.

RingLead’s data orchestration platform enables accuracy, completeness, and trustworthiness of data throughout your organizational systems so you can track campaign success, ROI and revenue attribution.

Are you tired of redundant data and a fragmented customer view negatively impacting campaigns, analytics, and revenue in your business?

Download our Surviving the Duplicate Epidemic: A Guide to Stopping Duplicate Data in your CRM and MAP Before it Enters to learn how RingLead can help you:

Understand how the digital economy has changed the way businesses operate and why you need to leverage data insights to drive your business decisions
Lay a foundation of high-quality data and stop the entrance of bad data before it enters your MAP and/or CRM
Use Unique Entry as-you-type duplicate alerts to battle duplicate creation at manual entry – arguably the most difficult entry point to combat
Prevent web-to-lead duplicates by linking leads to accounts and establishing automated merge rules
Improve your list upload strategy by integrating with your CRM to detect and merge duplicates before they enter.

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