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If you desire to make sense of the direction your business is taking, then you need to have monthly reports and models that will give you the necessary insights. However, the reports and models are as a result of analyzing data are role handles by a data quality manager.

Data Requires Good Data Quality Management

Data is always growing and in a constantly revolving cycle that can affect its quality both negatively or positively. As mentioned businesses and organizations often use only a small fraction of their enterprise’s information to generate the necessary actionable insight they need to grow. On the other hand, the lack of proper data solutions has resulted in the loss of revenue for many business and organization. As such, business should invest in adequate data quality management.

Data management should be a continuous process that drives to maintain if not improve the quality of the data and its embrace across all levels or departments in a business or organization. Therefore, it should be everyone’s business within the organization or company to oversee data enhancement. However, the organization or company should also have a data quality manager.

The Responsibilities Of A Data Quality Manager

  • Analyzing data values that will be populated in various important data fields to ensure that all fields have the appropriate values that will not results in data integrity issues. For instance, the use of the wrong contact details such as a misspelled email address can result in numerous email bounce back outcomes.
  • Validating data that passes through all channel partners that is then populated in data fields before sending the date to the database. The data manager can reject incoming data files and order them to be sent back for correction by the respective channel partners. It is a move that ensures no bad data is integrated into the central database.
  • Controlling all key documents being used across all relevant parties or can assign such task to a few employees and push for the use of software designed for such a purpose. The manager is responsible for ensuring that the latest software version is in use and is relevant to dispensation, capture, and integration of data across all relevant parties.
  • Monitoring and advising on the performance of the data right from the production of the data all the way to reporting but conduction a routine assessment of the quality of the data against the set standards.
  • Liaising with all management and administration overseers to ensure that all process related to the production data, its performance, dispensation, capture, and integration into the management and running of the organization is functioning properly.
  • Developing various quality procedures by developing and establishing quality standards and specification with respect to the management of data. The data quality manager also has the oversight role of issuing changes and relevant suggestions on various improvements in regards to the improvement of data.
  • Reviewing both employee and customer requests on various issues raised about the organization’s products or services.

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