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Salesforce is a user-friendly yet powerful application that allows you to keep track and analyze your company’s marketing activities. It is an extremely useful tool that every sales manager should choose to implement. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the database should be kept clean and that duplicate records should be eliminated. Otherwise, Salesforce will not be optimized (nor will any other CRM, to be honest).

The Problem with Salesforce Duplicates

Duplicates affect the marketing department because it is dependent on the data. It is difficult and close to impossible to track the success and ROI of any campaign if there is bad data in the environment. Salesforce duplicates skew results and make it difficult to determine which steps have to be taken and where investments should be made. Inaccurate records can affect the entire campaign to the point of making it less effective.

The sales department is also affected by Salesforce duplicates. Duplicates lead to inaccurate forecasts and may indicate opportunities where there are none.

Salesforce administrators need to stay focused on the data quality and remove any inconsistencies within the database. They are responsible for maintaining the database management systems which allow the rest of the organization to operate smoothly.

How Do Salesforce Duplicate Contacts Occur?

There are many reasons Salesforce duplicate contacts can occur. These include:

  • Web To Lead – if a single customer places several orders, Salesforce duplicates can occur within the database.
  • Manual Entry – it’s recommended that the user try to locate a record before attempting to create it. This step is often not taken, either due to lack of time or due to the negligence of the user. Even when the attempt to locate a record is made, the user is often unable to find the record due to spelling mistakes.
  • List Imports – marketers often buy lists of contacts and import them into Salesforce. The new lists may contain contacts which are already present in the database, or may already contain duplicate records.
  • Salesforce Data Migration – activities such as synchronization with a new office system, Salesforce data migration, or the integration of a new application can all lead to Salesforce duplicate contacts. This often happens because the user names in Salesforce records differ from those of the new application or system.

How to Eliminate Salesforce Duplicate Contacts

RingLead has many management tools that can be implemented to resolve these duplication issues. Some of the tools available are Duplicate Removal, Duplicate Diagnostic, and Duplicate Prevention. These tools can help you analyze your database and determine its cleanliness. Salesforce duplicate contacts can be removed and records merged accordingly. The tools will also prevent the creation of new duplicates.

The applications RingLead offers will work with:

  • Manual data entry
  • Web to lead forms
  • Data imports

It should be noted that RingLead also offers a unique feature – the reversal of merged records.

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