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Companies face a wider range of challenges than ever before, and data accuracy has become much more important. The speed of doing business is faster than ever and decisions are quickly made based on data received through various channels of communication. This is exactly why data accuracy and data quality improvement has become so crucial for businesses.

Yet most organizations constantly struggle with data accuracy and repeatedly seek new data solutions. Finding an answer to the how to improve data quality question isn’t easy. This comes as no surprise, since nine out of ten businesses think there are high levels of data inaccuracy with the systems they currently use. In order to improve CRM performance, it is necessary to improve data quality. So what kind of data solutions should companies use in order to improve the quality of their data?

The Consequences of Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate data causes poor data quality, which leads to loss in revenue. It’s as simple as that. It is obvious why every company should strive to find the best solution for maintaining high data quality. Many companies choose to go with Salesforce, as it has a lot of tools that can be used to that effect.

Data Quality Improvement – What Does It Entail?

Data quality improvement requires small steps, such as making sure emails are sent to the right addresses. Many companies struggle with these kinds of problems, as well as with a negative customer retention rates due to inaccurate contact data. One in three business owners claim they’ve lost a client because of errors in data entry. Small details like inaccurate email addresses, phone numbers, or names might seem less than significant, but they actually damage the bottom line. Therefore, how to improve data quality is a question managers are constantly dealing with. It should also be noted that brand reputation and customer experience are also affected by data quality.

How to Improve Data Quality

Human error is the main source of data problems. One solution for improving data quality is reducing human error, and there are several ways to implement it:

  • -Identify data entry points – determine how the information enters the system and which channels show excessive errors.
  • -Train staff -with an initial focus on staff members that work in high volume channels. Provide education regarding the importance of information, together with quality control checks.

A second solution for data quality improvement is the use of appropriate data solutions:

  • -Automated tools – use tools to prevent the entry of inaccurate data and to maintain high data quality. Inaccuracy is inevitable, whether due to human error or due to Salesforce data migration, so the use of tools is a must.
  • -Clean data regularly – consistent database maintenance is highly important for every business. To maintain high data quality, it is highly recommended that data cleansing is performed on a regular basis.

In Conclusion

Monitoring data quality is an important step for data quality improvement, which can be achieved by implementing accurate analytics.

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