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When you are using a specific program to manage sales, it is to be expected that mistakes will arise – mistakes that will produce duplicate data. To successfully deal with duplicate records, the use of data cleansing tools is required. There are many tools available and one of the most popular options today is Salesforce. If you know how to use Salesforce data cleaning tools properly, it will be easy to pick out the right approach and clean the database. Knowing how to use Salesforce data cleaning brings a great advantage to the entire organization.

The Importance of Data Quality

Tracking emails is an essential task when you are using an auto-responder. With proper tracking, you can get a lot of useful data such as who is opening your emails and how many customers were interested in your message. Tracking this kind of data helps you get the right response to the emails you send since you can improve the messages you send to the clients based on that feedback. Accurate data leads to more sales – without it you won’t be able to achieve the best response rate. Therefore, a good data quality manager is a must, along with employees who know how to use Salesforce data cleaning tools. Removing duplicate data should be one of the top priorities for every any organization, no matter how big or small.

How to Use Salesforce Data Cleaning Tools Properly

Cleaning up the information that you have on your charts is an ongoing process. While most of the time the information you have might be accurate, you should keep in mind that people will sign up for a product or information several times, which will quickly create duplicate records. When this occurs, the data you extract from your database becomes inaccurate, and the entire organization loses time and money. In addition to customer-generated duplicates, employees can also be responsible for making data entry errors that can increase the amount of duplicate data.

To remove excess information, you must learn how to use Salesforce data cleaning tools. It would be nearly impossible to clean the entire database by hand, although sometimes manual cleansing is required after you’ve done everything you can with the automated tools. By clicking the mouse button and allowing the program to handle all data issues, you save hours and hours of work. Additionally, you increase the efficiency of both the marketing and sales departments.

However, you must note that this is a big challenge. There are plenty of different applications to be used, and each of them delivers varying results. For this reason, it is necessary to have a team of experienced individuals who know how to use Salesforce data cleansing tools.

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