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DMS currently integrates with Salesforce and Marketo.

A RingLead and Eloqua integration is slated for 2017.

By integrating with multiple CRMs and Marketing Automation Systems, RingLead is able to provide complete perimeter protection from all data entry points. The value of maintaining a duplicate-free database cannot be overstated. Revenue aside, duplicates will cost you your brand’s reputation, customer relationships and valuable time.

Duplicate Removal & Prevention for Salesforce

RingLead was the first ISV partner and the first application on the Salesforce AppExchange

Duplicates in Salesforce create avoidable problems

  • Multiple reps calling on same lead
  • Incorrect lead scoring
  • Inaccurate forecasts and reports
  • Time wasted searching for correct records
  • Accelerated data decay

RingLead and Salesforce Integration

  • Standardization
  • Deduplication
  • List Import Dupe Prevention
  • Web Form Dupe Prevention
  • Manual Entry Dupe Prevention
  • Contact and Company Data Enrichment

Keep Your Salesforce Instance Clean

See how you can clean, protect and enhance your Salesforce data for optimum performance.

  • Fuzzy matching default logic finds 93-99% of duplicates
  • Enforce data standards
  • Append Contact and Firmographic information

Our team will provide you with best practice insights and tips on how to enhance your Lead records to drive revenue.

Salesforce only matches duplicates based on exact-match email address. This opens the floodgate of duplicate Leads into your CRM database. Multiple data entry points exist in today’s digital landscape from various lead sources, such as; whitepaper downloads, free trial signup pages, information requests, tradeshow list uploads, contest entry forms and more.

Duplicate Removal & Prevention for Marketo

RingLead is used by Marketo and was previously nominated for Marketo’s Revvie Platform Innovator of the Year Award

RingLead and Marketo Integration

  • Standardization
  • Deduplication
  • List import dupe prevention
  • Web form dupe prevention
  • Manual entry dupe prevention
  • Web form enrichment
  • Existing contact and Company data enrichment

Duplicates in Marketo create avoidable problems

  • Ineffective messaging from marketing team
  • Marketo storage costs
  • Inaccurate lead scoring
  • High unsubscribe and bounce back rates
  • Duplicate messages sent to single customer

Duplicates are a problem for Marketo

Like Salesforce, Marketo only matches duplicates based on exact-match email addresses. Matching only be exact-emails leaves your database completely open to tens of thousands of duplicates. Imagine, John Smith fills out a web form as He then signs up for a trade show using You are now marketing to a single person, twice, destroying your brand’s reputation and increasing the likelihood that the prospect hits unsubscribe out of frustration.

How It Works

RingLead integrates with Marketo through Webhooks to apply its advanced duplicate matching logic. This makes it possible to update existing Leads and Contacts and notify the existing record owner or an administrative user of the recent activity – all according to your unique configuration settings. Additionally, when a record already exists in your CRM, RingLead will merge the incoming prospect with the existing Marketo prospect, syncing with the CRM Record ID RingLead found as a match.

RingLead’s advanced duplicate matching algorithm preserves the benefits of Marketo’s nurturing and scoring processes.

When you’re preventing duplicates in Marketo, you’ll need to account for four scenarios when receiving data from a webform submission or a list import:

  • Find existing Contacts to append
  • Find an existing Account and attach a new Contact
  • Find existing Leads to append
  • Create a new Lead record only as last resort

Additional integration partners coming soon…

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