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Duplicates are a problem for Marketo

Marketo’s standard de-duplication functionality only matches duplicates based on exact-match email addresses. Leaving your CRM and Marketo database vulnerable to a flood of duplicate Leads entering your system every day.

Multiple data entry points exist in today’s digital landscape from various lead sources, such as; whitepaper downloads, free trial signup pages, information requests, tradeshow list uploads, contest entry forms and more.


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Inaccurate Lead Scoring

Decreased Email Open Rates

Higher cost for Marketo

RingLead integrates with Marketo through Webhooks to apply its advanced duplicate matching logic. This makes it possible to update existing Leads and Contacts and notify the existing record owner or an administrative user of the recent activity – all according to your unique configuration settings. Additionally, when a record already exists in your CRM, RingLead will merge the incoming prospect with the existing Marketo prospect. Syncing with the CRM Record ID RingLead found as a match.

RingLead’s advanced duplicate matching algorithm preserves the benefits of Marketo’s nurturing and scoring processes. Keeping your Marketo and CRM databases much cleaner than basic email address based de-duping.

See the diagram below for a visual representation of how this works.


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