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You’ve probably been attending trade shows and conferences for years. So you know that great conference are great networking opportunities. Conferences such as Dreamforce give you an exceptional chance to create and grow relationships with peers.

This is my fourth Dreamforce, so here are some tips to make the most of your time at this year’s event.

1. Use Agenda Builder

You will get more value out of your time at Dreamforce if you create your plan of attack before arriving. That is why Dreamforce developed the Agenda Builder. With more than 1,400 sessions to choose from, and many great ones booking up, you really do need a tool to make sure that you grab your seats. The tool is easy to use, so check it out before October 13th.

2. Meet Everyone You Can

I love meeting new people, but if you’re a shy one, find your inner extravert. Say hello to the person sitting next to you at a session. Walk up to booth vendors. From customers and partners, to friends and colleagues, you probably have a list (even if it’s only a mental list) of individuals you want to meet at Dreamforce. But to really take advantage of your networking opportunities, you need to be open to meeting new people.

3. See Everything You Can

The best way to connect with the greatest number of people at Dreamforce is to keep moving. Don’t limit your time to speeches, sessions or booths (unless you’re at booth W827 visiting RingLead, of course). Go to every big keynote and try to hit 2-3 session per day. Visit both expo halls and see Bruno Mars live!

4. Create Content to Stand Out

Take notes in every session and keynote and try to live blog these moments. Use the notes for tweets, LinkedIn posts and Facebook status updates using the event hashtag, #DF14. Doing so will get your name out there so you will remain a stronger presence to those whom you meet at the conference. Creating content shows confidence in yourself and an interest in being part of the conversation. The more you can share with your new connections, the more you’ll stand out.

5. Follow up with Your New Connections Immediately

Your Dreamforce networking tasks won’t end when you leave Mosone Center. Get in touch with as many of your new contacts as possible on or near October 20th. Use Salesforce to organize your new contacts and send new correspondence. People will be energized by the conference, so reaching out to them while their excitement is still strong will make your connection all the more sticky. Take your new contacts online by connected with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and email. You never know what new customers, partners, employees or friends you’ll make!

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