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Jason Paquette, formerly of Kaseya, was selected as our first RingLead MVP for his suggestion of the second task feature, which is now available in multiple RingLead applications. For being a vocal advocate of our products as well as a great source for product enhancements and feature additions, RingLead has selected Jason as the first RingLeader MVP. One of his suggestions has been implemented in the upcoming Spring ’12 release of Unique Upload (formerly known as "Declone Mass List"). Keep reading to find out more about the RingLeader MVP Program as well as the new features and product updates.

About Jason

Jason is Director of Sales Operations for Kaseya, a leading global provider of IT Systems Management software, and is widely recognized as an expert in designing processes around Salesforce and marketing automation. Jason is also a sophisticated user of Marketo’s lead scoring features. Jason lives in Seattle with his wife and nine month old daughter, and is an avid Seahawks fan.


What makes Jason awesome

Jason is one of RingLead’s power users and participates in our beta testing for new feature releases. Jason was selected based on his thought leadership in RingLead’s social media community as well as for the selection of his Unique Import “Second Task” feature (described below.) Every quarter, RingLead will select another RingLeader MVP based on their contribution to RingLead’s product development as a result of their feature requests.


”Getting rid of 50% of your duplicates is like getting rid of 50% of your Chicken Pox…”


Marketo, like most of the other marketing automation solutions, dedupes only on email address. Jason learned painfully that Marketo (and Eloqua for that matter), only dedupe by an exact email address match.


For example, it won’t detect that,, and may be the same person.


This type of deduping will only identify about 50% of duplicates. “Getting rid of 50% of your duplicates is like getting rid of half of the Chicken Pox…” Jason says. Jason uses Unique , along with Unique Web-to-Lead to complement his use of Marketo for Kaseya.


Introducing the Second Task feature


Prior to today’s release of the Second Task feature, RingLead allowed for the creation of a single Task when importing a list, which did not address Jason’s requirements. He needed the ability to create two Tasks. In order to use RingLead in conjunction with Marketo, Jason had devised a clever work around, that enabled him to import lists into RingLead instead of directly in to Marketo and still utilize Marketo’s lead scoring features. Jason decided to use RingLead’s Task creation function and a standard subject line syntax to drive his Marketo Lead Scoring (for example, “Subject Starts With “Whitepaper:” gets x-points, Subject Starts With “Webinar Registration:” gets y-points; etc).

Our new Second Task features allows you to dedupe salesforce with Marketo


Jason utilizes best practices in his role as Director of Sales Operations at Kaseya and uses the Task subject line to log marketing interactions with both Prospects and Clients. These logged marketing interactions allow the sales person to see a list in chronological order of the Prospect’s marketing interaction with Kaseya so they could factor the interaction into their sales process. In order to both log Activities and trigger Marketo’s Lead scoring, Jason requested that RingLead add the ability to create a second task.

Improved Graphic User Interface (GUI)

As part of this release, RingLead has improved the GUI, now all of the Custom and Standard fields mapping interface can be expanded and hidden.


New RingLead graphic user interface updates

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