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Apps are my life. I’ve been installing, consuming, reviewing, designing, building, and releasing Salesforce AppExchange apps for a decade. I personally deal in data quality apps that provide net new functionality for our customers, but what about those apps that do the things you do today… only way, WAY more efficiently?

Everybody loves a hip, new productivity app. Check out some of my favorites to recently hit the AppExchange below

1 Click Update by Satrang Technologies

If you’re a fan of my
Salesforce Admin Hack Series, you may have heard about hacking the Opportunity with a link to update the stage in one click. Well, now you don’t even have to hack…just “Get it Now” from the AppExchange. This app goes beyond just Opportunity Stage and handles other picklists as well.

PickAnything by Pretty Engine

What is the most important part of any relational database (like Salesforce)? The relationships. PickAnything gives some help to the experience of identifying relationships between your objects, making it slightly more shopping-cart-esque.

Auto Capitalize Your Data by Techila Solutions

Ok, this one I had to share because it wins the “yes, there is an app for that” award. You can enforce capitalization rules on your Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunity fields. How cool is that? I’m only mildly OCD and I think this is #awesome.

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