While the Big data hype has certainly given way to things like blockchain and AI, harnessing the power of data is becoming a competitive advantage for new companies every day. Even though we are constantly building data models at TriFin, we wanted to speak with someone that is in the trenches advising companies on data management best practices every day.

RingLead is one of the leading data management solutions boasting clients like Oracle, Capital One, and the NYSE. I sat down with Chris Hickey, RingLead’s CEO, to get his perspective on data management best practices, things every company can do today to improve their data quality, and most importantly, what the real value of quality data is.

I think you’re really going to enjoy this conversation (and probably share it with your management team) because Chris is a wealth of knowledge. If you want to be the first to read part two of this conversation where we talk with Chris about the exact strategies they’re using to 4x their company this year.

By Shane Rostad

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