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Optimize Account-Based Selling and Marketing

Optimize Account-Based Selling and Marketing


The rise of data has ushered in a new generation of highly targeted, hyper-personalized sales and marketing methods, with ABM undoubtedly leading the pack. Companies are no longer relying on casting a wide net to build a pipeline, but instead, are attempting to make strategic, data-driven decisions around which titles to go after, at which companies. Despite ABM’s popularity, most businesses face significant challenges when attempting to deploy campaigns, with 88% saying data is “crucial” for ABM, but only 1/3 having the necessary confidence in their data to execute [source]. Research shows that even among companies actively engaged in ABM, reporting remains a major issue, with 60% of companies unable to accurately report on key ABM indicators like ROI, win rate, average deal size, and account engagement [source].


It is imperative for businesses to fix their data foundations to make the information at their fingertips actionable. The more accurate and comprehensive data is at the account level, the easier it is to identify and understand what accounts should be targeted in any ABM or ABS model.

To develop your Ideal Account Profile (IAP) it is necessary to first normalize key attributes and perform a segmentation analysis. Once segments are created, you can identify your IAPs and the various decision makers and influencers at each account. Successful ABM hinges on your ability to target not just the right account, but the right people at a given account, making the quality of your contact data mission critical. With as many as 17 decision makers involved in buying decisions at enterprise companies, a reliable contact discovery tool can offer much needed support when seeking verified contact data ( e.g. email addresses, direct dials, LinkedIn profiles, etc.).

With the right systems and data in place, personalization to key attributes like persona, job title, and industry is achievable, and true ABM and ABS can begin.


A lead in your database receives your email and forwards it to a new colleague on their team. The colleague navigates to your site where they fill out a content download form, creating a new lead in your database. That lead should immediately be converted to a contact and linked to the appropriate account, but without proper tagging and a system for lead-to-account linking in place, that lead is instead treated as a net new lead, causing mis-timed communications and wasted ABM resources. In some cases, this lead may be ignored altogether for not reaching the threshold for qualification.


RingLead automates lead-to-account linking and other key data quality processes to fuel disruptive ABM and ABS campaigns at scale. From the initial steps of normalization and segmentation analysis, to data discovery and enrichment for hyper-targeted personalization, to attribution and reporting – The RingLead Data Quality Platform stitches all of your sales and marketing data, and their related processes, together for maximum efficiency, and maximum results.